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Grant ceremony with Crown Princess Mary marked the Academy’s official opening

The Danish Cardiovascular Academy had its official opening at a grant ceremony hosted by the Danish Heart Foundation 9th of November at Hotel D’angleterre, Copenhagen.

01.12.2021 | Lene Halgaard

Anne Kaltoft, Christian Aalkjær & Christian Hassager Foto: Jacob Kjerumgaard

Protector of the Danish Heart Foundation, Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary, handed out grants at the ceremony, marking the foundation’s annual round of research donations. The day included speeches from the Danish Heart Foundation, the Crown Princess and grant receivers.

The DCAcademy vision was presented

The Danish Heart Foundation officially presented the Danish Cardiovascular Academy at the ceremony. CEO, Anne Kaltoft expressed her excitement on this new initiative which the Danish Heart Foundation supports along with the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

“Entering the collaboration with the DCAcademy has given the Danish Heart Foundation a unique opportunity to boost heart research in Denmark,” said Anne Kaltoft, CEO, Danish Heart Foundation.

Thereafter, Christian Aalkjær, Executive Managing Director of Danish Cardiovascular Academy had the honor of presenting the academy’s vision in a speech at the ceremony. He stated:

“Over the next five years, together with the Danish Heart Foundation, we will hand out more than 100 grants to young researchers. More than 100 clever heads will research cardiovascular disease with grants from the Academy.”

He also mentioned that the Academy wishes to establish a community of cardiovascular researchers through various courses and events offered by the academy.

“Young researchers will be given a solid starting point for their careers as cardiologists or researchers. Our hope is that the network which they gain through the Academy will lead to a sense of community and to   collaborations across disciplines for many years to come,” said Christian Aalkjær.

Crown Princess Mary: “Denmark has an international top-class research environment”

The Crown Princess Mary was responsible for handing out research grants from the Danish Heart Foundation and the Danish Children’s Heart Foundation. In her speech she said:

“In Denmark, we have an international top-class research environment delivering startling results. Every year we push the boundaries of what we thought possible.

On a day like this, we should be proud of that. Today, we are able to pay a tribute and thank some of the researchers who help saving Danish lives due to their work.”

Foto: Jacob Kjerumgaard

Grant recipients at the ceremony

In addition to the 5 - year support to the Danish Cardiovascular Academy three grants were presented at the ceremony. The recipients were:

  • Flemming Javier Olsen, PhD-student at Herlev and Gentofte Hospital, for his project: Characterization of disease in the atrium using ultrasound scan of the heart.
  • Henning Bundgaard, Professor at Rigshospitalet for a project called: Optimization of plasma potassium levels and reduced risk of cardiac arrhythmias and death.
  • Peter Agger, doctor at Aarhus University for his project on children’s hearts called: When a messy heart is the root for a shorter life.

The ceremony ended with networking in the picturesque surroundings of Hotel D’angleterre.

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