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Guest talk: Professor Katerina Fotopoulou

Professor Katerina Fotopoulou, director of the Katlab at UCL is visiting the Embodied Computation Group at CFIN and will give a guest talk where she will present recent neuropsychological studies on body awareness beliefs and metacognition, and their role in the sensation of affective touch.

21.06.2019 | Henriette Blæsild Vuust

Dato ons 26 jun
Tid 11:00 12:00
Sted CFIN/MIB meeting room 01A-0-12, AU/AUH Building 1A, Nørrebrogade 44, 8000 Aarhus C.

Katerina Fotopoulou’s current research projects focus on the psychological and neural mechanisms by which our interoceptive sensations, as well as multimodal representations of the body, are influenced by internalised social expectations, on-line interactions with other people and by neuropeptides known to enhance social feelings. These studies point to unique neural mechanisms by which our bodies are interpersonally ‘mentalised’ and perceived to form the basis of our selves.

Read more about the Katlab's work at:


Professor Katerina Fotopoulou

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