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Guest Talks: Olaf Paulson & Alberto Luis Vazquez

In connection to a PhD defense CFIN will host a guest talk by the two opponents Olaf Paulson from the Neurobiology Research Unit at Copenhagen University Hospital and Alberto Luis Vazquez from University of Pittsburgh, USA.

08.05.2017 | Henriette Blæsild Vuust

Dato man 15 maj
Tid 10:00 11:30
Sted PET Center meeting room, 6th floor, AUH building 10G

Olaf Paulson
(https://nru.dk/index.php/staff-list/faculty/51-olaf-b-paulson )

TITLE: "Blood-brain barrier and micro-circulation studies using the "classical" double indicator technique".


Alberto Luis Vazquez

TITLE: ”Inhibitory neuron contributions to blood flow regulation and oxygen consumption”



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