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JoinEU-SEE>PENTA: Scholarships at West Balkan

Attractive scholarship opportunities for staff interested in the Western Balkan countries are now available.

11.11.2013 | Marianne Gammelgaard

Aarhus University is a partner in the Erasmus Mundus Action 2 project JoinEU-SEE>PENTA with the Western Balkan region. JoinEU-SEE>PENTA is an EU-funded SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME for academic exchange between Western Balkan countries and the EU. It offers attractive scholarships for mobility between universities and higher education institutions in Western Balkan and EU countries. Detailed information on the scholarship scheme is available at www.joineuseepenta.eu.

One of the target groups for the programme are students and staff who are registered at EU universities/higher education institutions NOT included in the JoinEU-SEE>PENTA consortium. Students and staff registered at Aarhus University are eligible to apply within target group 2 (http://www.joineuseepenta.eu/scholarship/who-can-apply/target-groups/).

The first call for applications within JoinEU-SEE>PENTA was launched on November 11, 2013, and it will be open until February 1, 2014. The call is open to applicants for mobility at undergraduate and master level as well as for staff who would like to start their mobility in autumn 2014. Detailed information on the call for applications is available at www.joineuseepenta.eu.

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