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MIB guest talk: Lindsey Reymore

Lindsey Reymore is PhD candidate at The Ohio State University's School of Music and she is visiting MIB to give a talk.

09.10.2019 | Hella Kastbjerg

Dato tor 24 okt
Tid 09:30 10:30
Sted Meeting room 12, Building 1A, Nørrebrogade 44, 8000 Aarhus C


Timbre in the brain: semantics and cross-modal perception


Whether we are listening to the gentle softness of a flute or the roughness of guitar distortion, timbre plays a central but underacknowledged role in the expressive character of music. How do our phenomenal experiences of timbre shape musical perception and cognition? In this talk, I will present a cognitive-linguistic model of timbre qualia built from results of behavioral studies in timbre semantics. These studies also demonstrate that people often describe sound by recruiting imagery from senses other than hearing; we will dive deeper into the cross-modal nature of timbre vocabulary and the relationships between timbres and colors. I will share the results of three studies that provide converging evidence for cross-modal relations between timbre and aspects of color and will show that timbre-to-color matching can be predicted with the use of cross-modal vocabulary. I theorize that cross-modal vocabulary and matching result from shared qualia between experiences of sounds and other sensory experiences and describe an ongoing fMRI study that aims to localize the neural bases of specific modality-independent qualia like brightness and darkness.

Seminar, Forskning, Alle grupper, Musicinthebrain, Musicinthebrain, Arrangement