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Lower mortality in hospitals with high level of accreditation compliance

28.09.2015 | Tina Christensen

A new study shows a relation between mortality and compliance with accreditation in Danish hospitals. In Denmark, an accreditation program for hospitals was introduced in 2009, while such schemes have been used in other countries for several years. However, evidence of improved patient care in high accredited hospitals compared to less accredited hospitals has been sparse.

PhD student at Department of Clinical Epidemiology Anne Mette falstie-Jensen is one of the researchers behind the new study, which covers 276,000 patients admitted to public Danish hospitals during 2009-2012. They found that mortality in the fully accredited hospitals was 17% lower than in partially accredited hospitals.

The results have been published in International Journal of Quality in Health Care.

Forskning, Ph.d.-studerende, Dept Clin Epi, Dept Clin Epi, Teknisk/administrativ medarbejder, Videnskabelig medarbejder