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MIB assistant professor Boris Kleber is awarded the Susanne Klein-Vogelbach Prize

In a highly competitive field, Dr Kleber won the prize for his paper "Experience-dependent modulation of right anterior insula and sensorimotor regions as a function of noise-masked auditory feedback in singers and nonsingers."

04.07.2018 | Hella Kastbjerg

The "Susanne Klein-Vogelbach-Prize for the Research of Human Movement" exists in its 18th year. The prize is awarded once a year to researchers in neuroscience, orthopedics and associated sciences whose work is oriented to a better understanding of the underlying principles of human movement and its rehabilitation. Movement in this context is not restricted to locomotion, it rather covers all kinds of muscular induced human movement including mime and music.

Boris's award-winning paper was published in NeuroImage, volume 147, February 2017:

doi.org/10.1016/j.neuroimage.2016.11.059 (limited access)

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