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MIB postdoc David Quiroga receives funding from Independent Research Fund Denmark.

Congratulations to David, who is going to spend two years at University of California, Berkely.

28.01.2021 | Hella Kastbjerg

David Quiroga is one of the 18 postdocs who were awarded a two-year postdoc grant to go to a prestigious international university. David will spend his time at Berkely where he will work on his project "The neural basis of musical imagination.

About the project:
Imagine a song that you know by heart. Without effort, you could almost hear it and sing it in your mind. You may even imagine it with twisted lyrics and, if you are musically talented, you could mentally sing it backwards or add new melodic lines to it. This is an example of how rich our musical imagination can be. Yet, we know very little about how the brain represents, holds in memory and manipulates these musical “thoughts”. To investigate this issue, in collaboration with the Knight laboratory at the University of California at Berkeley, we will record neuronal activity directly from inside the brain while human participants perform a simple working memory task. We will use state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to decode musical imagery from brain activity and will look at neuronal oscillations to investigate the mechanisms behind mentally holding and manipulating sequences of musical sounds. Understanding this issue would greatly foster our knowledge of memory and audition, and may lead to applications in which decoding of auditory imagery from brain activity helps patients with communication impairments.

More information here.


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