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New face at MIB: Marcin Zarzycki

Polish medical student spends summer at MIB.

14.07.2017 | Hella Kastbjerg

Marcin comes from Medical University of Warsaw and visits MIB for two months as part of the Erasmus Traineeship program.

He recently completed the 4th year of medicine, full of clinical classes, which gave him the opportunity to fall in love with psychiatry and neuroscience. This affection lead to publishing two papers on the phenomenon of successful psychopats in popular TV series and the utility of transcranial sonography in psychiatric diagnostics. Marcin is also president of  the student scientific group in Neurosurgery Clinic at Bielanski Hospital in Warsaw and involved in organizing the nationwide Conference of Head & Neck Surgery ‘Heads Up’.

During his traineeship here at MIB, Marcin will assist in the collection and analysing of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data for the Parental Brain project, coordinated by postdoc Henrique Fernandes.

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