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New face at MIB: Ulrika Varankaité

PhD student from Kaunas University of Technology, Lithaunia visits MIB for 2 months.

05.02.2018 | Hella Kastbjerg

Ulrika Varankaité is a PhD student in Art Research (Musicology) from Lithuania (Kaunas University of Technology, supervised by prof. Dario Martinelli). Her doctoral thesis is based on an empirical approach and focuses on Lithuanian sung poetry as a genre that has influence on its listeners’ creative mind. The research is interdisciplinary and combines different study fields, such as musicology, music psychology and semiotics. Through the joint perspective of these disciplines Ulrika investigates extramusical associations, visual imagery and affective response evoked by music listening.

Ulrika visits MIB to gain practical experience in neuroscience of music to expand her view as a researcher. She will be assisting MIB researchers in their ongoing projects with data collection and analysis mainly involving MEG and EEG measurements. Ulrika has experience from her 2015 internship in the Cognitive Brain Research Unit (CBRU) at the University of Helsinki (Finland) where she worked as an assistant/trainee on a music-and-emotion related project which involved EEG measurement.

Ulrika is here for two months supervised by MIB prof. Elvira Brattico.

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