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Offentlige foredrag i Naturvidenskab

24.01.2014 | Studentermedhjælper Studentermedhjælper Tobias Jensen

Dato tir 11 mar
Tid 19:00 21:00
Sted Aarhus Universitet, Sø auditorierne

A Neuroscientist’s Adventures in Mind Control

Professor Gero Miesenböck, Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour, University of Oxford, United Kingdom

The lecture is taught in English/Foredraget afholdes på letforståeligt engelsk.

Professor Gero Miesenböck is the latest receiver of the greatest prize in brain reserch, The Brain Prize, and he will give the appertaining prize-lecture 'The Public Brain Prize Lecture' at the lecture series 'Offentlige foredrag i Naturvidenskab' (Public Lectures in Natural Science). In the prize-lecture he will tell about the research that brought him the prize:
A revolutionary technology called optogenetics is changing the way scientists study the brain. Optogenetics uses light-activated proteins ("opto-“) that can be encoded in DNA (“-genetics”) and produced by specific brain cells. The electrical activity of these brain cells is then remote-controlled with pulses of light. The pioneer of optogenetics recounts how the field has developed and explains some of the insights into the function of the nervous system that have been gained. These insights include a better understanding of how sexual identities are encoded, how sleep is regulated, and how memories are stored and recalled.


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