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PhD Course on Mitochondria in Health and Disease - C252/1

Research Unit for Molecular Medicine, Department of Clinical Medicine, offers a PhD Course on Mitochondria in Health and Disease (C252/1).

18.08.2016 | Susanne Schousboe Sjøgaard

Dato man 10 okt tor 13 okt
Tid 08:00    16:00

Mitochondria research has experienced an extensive development in the last decade with ever new discoveries opening novel paths. The involvement of mitochondria in most areas of disease research has been broadly recognized and a huge body of literature has accumulated.

As a starting point see for example:
• Mitochondrial roles in disease: a box full of surprises
• The rise of mitochondria in medicine

We offer this year for the first time a PhD course on mitochondria (C252/1). The aim of the course is to introduce and provide a firm basis of the biology of mitochondria in relation to disease conditions. Students will get the knowledge and capacities to experimentally investigate and understand the importance of mitochondria and mitochondrial functions for cellular health and the role of dysfunctions and malfunctions of mitochondria in diseases and the aging process. At Research Unit for Molecular Medicine we have a long tradition of research in inherited diseases affecting mitochondrial functions and we have in the last years established a palette of assays for measuring mitochondrial dysfunctions.

More about Research Unit for Molecular Medicine here: 

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