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PhD defence: Ole Adrian Heggli

Ole is defending his thesis about interpersonal synchonization.

29.05.2019 | Hella Kastbjerg

Dato tor 06 jun
Tid 14:00 17:00
Sted Aarhus University, Lille Juridisk Auditorium (1342 – 455)

Thursday the 6th of June at 14.00, Ole Adrian Heggli defends his PhD-dissertation entitled: “Strategies for interpersonal synchronization in musicians: Behaviour, modelling, and neuroimaging.”

The defence is public and takes place in Lille Juridisk Auditorium (1342 – 455).

Afterwards, Center for Music in the Brain is hosting a reception in Building 1A, Nørrebrogade 44.


Mail: ole.heggli@clin.au.dk

PhD student: Ole Adrian Heggli

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