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PROMEMO Workshop

On Wednesday 31 October, PROMEMO will have an afternoon workshop for all PROMEMO-affiliated staff and students.

26.10.2018 | Susanne Schousboe Sjøgaard

Dato ons 31 okt
Tid 12:30 19:00
Sted Aarhus University

The aim is to discuss the PROMEMO projects, exchange new ideas and opportunities, hopefully boosting synergy and new collaborations.


  • PROMEMO research overview and practical information by Center Director Anders Nykjaer
  • Research presentations by Nabavi, Capogna, Nykjaer, Poulsen, Kjaergaard and Nissen Groups Groups (including time for discussions)
  • “State-of-the-art methods in molecular imaging - opportunities for PROMEMO” by Nissen Group
  • Discussion of projects, new ideas, new collaborations and funding opportunities, etc. (plenum/smaller groups?)                                            
  • Networking and further discussions with snacks followed by pizza and beer/soft drinks in the lunch room  
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