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Symposium "DANDRITE encounters 2016" - Colloboration opportunities & student projects

03.12.2015 | Communications assistant Karen Bech

Dato tir 09 feb
Tid 14:00 17:00
Sted AIAS auditorium, Aarhus University, building 1632, Høegh-Guldbergs gade 6B, 8000 Aarhus C

DANDRITE encounters 2016

9th February 2016 from 14:00-17:00

Get insights on opportunities for research & translational collaborations
Get inspiration for student projects in DANDRITE’s research groups

The Group Leaders at DANDRITE will present their research groups and their activities in neuroscience at Aarhus University.

Time and place: The symposium takes place Tuesday 9 February 2016 from 14:00-16:30 followed by an informal reception, in the AIAS auditorium, building 1632, Aarhus University, Høegh-Guldbergs Gade 6B, 8000 Aarhus

The symposium and reception is open to everyone interested!


14:00     Welcome by DANDRITE director Poul Nissen

14:05     Structural and functional studies of membrane transporters in brain
               Core Group Leader Poul Nissen’s research group, www.dandrite.au.dk/nissen

14:20     Circuit neuroscience and behavioural genetics in Drosophila
               Group Leader Anne von Philipsborn’s research group, www.dandrite.au.dk/philipsborn

14:35     Behavioural studies of molecular and circuit basis of effort based decision making
               Group Leader Duda Kvitsiani’s research group, www.dandrite.au.dk/kvitsiani

14:50     Memory formation and consolidation at the synaptic and circuit levels
               Group Leader Sadegh Nabavi’s research group, www.dandrite.au.dk/nabavi

15:05     Break with drinks & questions

15:30     Studies of sortilin receptors in neuronal development and signaling
               Core Group Leader Anders Nykjær’s research group, www.dandrite.au.dk/nykjær

15:45     Function and dysfunction of motion-sensitive circuits in the visual system
               Group Leader Keisuke Yonehara’s research group, www.dandrite.au.dk/yonehara

16:00     Modelling human neural development and disease with stem cells
               Group Leader Mark Denham’s research group, www.dandrite.au.dk/denham

16:15     Neurodegenerative diseases and the role of alpha-synuclein
               Core Group Leader Poul Henning Jensen’s research group, www.dandrite.au.dk/jensen

16:30     Closing remarks by Poul Henning Jensen

16:30     Drinks & questions


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