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Aarhus University still among the world's best universities

This week the new QS and NTU ranking was released - in both rankings Aarhus University ranks really well and is among the top universities in the world

21.06.2019 | Gitte Bindzus Foldager

Top 100 university

In the newly released NTU ranking Aarhus University ramains in the top 100 in the world with a position as number 89 like last year. This makes Aarhus University the third best university in Scandinavia and no. 27 i Europe.

Top 0,6 % in the world

The QS 2020 ranking also came out this week and of the 1000 top universities - Aarhus University is no. 145.

With 26 000 internationally recognised universities in the world this means that Aarhus University is in the top 0,6 % in the world.

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