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Workshop: Gendering

10.02.2015 | Student assistant Student assistant Hans Christoffer Andresen

Dato man 16 mar tir 17 mar
Tid 08:00    11:30
Sted Aarhus (DK), Aarhus University, Auditorium 1441 - 012

Gendering is two separate events with Professor Anne Fausto-Sterling and Professor Julie Nelson; an academic open workshop the 16th and an interview and conversation from a queer perspective the 17th of March.

The purpose of this workshop is to explore how quantitative methods are used in the construction of gender in academic and public discourses. The workshop will focus on how questions about gender are formulated and posed in quantitative experimental designs; on the hidden limitations in quantitative methodologies for disclosing and constructing “facts” about gender; and on the ways that data concerning gender differences are interpreted and over-interpreted in science and society. 

Find more info about the workshop here

Tags: Workshop, Arts, Gendering