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More patients will benefit from anticoagulant medicine, says Søren Paaske Johnsen, who has been in charge of the survey.

2014.01.08 | Research

Medicine protects against strokes

It is well-known that anticoagulant medicine assists in the prevention of strokes. A large Danish study now shows that the medicine can also reduce the risk of death and brain damage when a stroke happens anyway.

2014.01.06 | Policy and strategy

Voluntary redundancy packages

The senior management team has held discussions with the joint union representative for staff members at AU on how the number of involuntary redundancies can be reduced by means of voluntary redundancy packages.

2013.12.20 | Meeting

UIC: Work and Residence Permits in Denmark

A presentation on Work and Residence Permits by the Danish Agency for Labour Retention and International Recruitment and the Danish Immigration Service. Sign up required.

2013.12.20 | Meeting

UIC: How to Navigate the Danish Tax System

Tax Centre Aarhus provides information aimed at PhD students and researchers, question and answer session. Sign up before 12 noon Monday 10 March.

2013.12.20 | Meeting

UIC: Visit to Læssøesgade's School

The UIC is invited to visit Læssøesgade's School, where foreign students choosing the public school system are enrolled for Aarhus Municipality's Integration Programme. Sign up required.

2013.12.20 | Seminar

UIC: What are the Risks and Benefits of Sharing Personal Information?

You don't share with your mother-in-law what you do with your best friend. But what would happen if you did? Seminar on the sharing of personal information by Natalie Hanssen.

Dentist and PhD student Jennifer Christensen is behind the research into pain management for tooth extraction.

2014.01.09 | Research

Extraction of wisdom teeth can be less painful

New knowledge about more effective pain relief can make extraction of wisdom teeth a less painful process. This is what a new PhD study from the department of dentistry at Aarhus University shows.

2013.12.19 | Research

Big Data Projects Reveals Where Carbon-stocking Projects in Africa Provide the Greatest Benefits

In order to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere it is necessary to make sure that carbon is stored on the ground to the greatest extent possible. But how do you qualify the potential of landscapes to stock carbon? Researchers now present the first continental-scale assessment of which areas may provide the greatest direct and…

Morten Høyer from Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital has just received a scholarship for his research into cancer.

2014.01.09 | Research

Honorary scholarship for cancer researcher from Aarhus

Morten Høyer from Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital has just received a scholarship for his research into cancer.

Chairman of the Board Michael Christiansen and Rector Brian Bech Nielsen. Archive photo: Lars Kruse / AU Communication

2013.12.19 | Policy and strategy

The board approves the budget

On 18 December the AU Board approved the university's budget for the next three years. Without a doubt, this is the toughest budget Aarhus University has adopted in recent times, says Chairman of the Board Michael Christiansen.

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