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2017.11.30 | Administrative

Newsletter 79 for November 2017

Dear All Please find latest news

2017.11.30 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Morten Lyng Høgild

Growth Hormone activity in obese subjects: interaction with insulin sensitivity and fasting.

2017.11.30 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Pia Viuf Ørby

Cross-disciplinary studies on pollen in health and environmental sciences.

2017.11.30 | PhD defense

Phd defence: Troels Johansen

Pulmonary gas exchange and blood gas tensions: New frontiers in imaging, diagnosis and treatment.

PhD student Rune Dall Jensen.

2017.11.30 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Rune Dall Jensen

Undergraduate Surgical Talent Development: An Explorative Research Study of the Case Dream Team Using Sport Science as a Lens

2017.11.30 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Line Brøndum

Blood-borne biomarkers in head and neck cancer

2017.11.28 | Research

When in doubt in the diagnostic process: 'Safety-netting' can help

In collaboration with colleagues from Sweden and England, researchers at CaP have published a study that shows that communication in general practice is important for the diagnostic work. Safety-netting it is called and it is an essential tool in general practice when using the "wait-and-see" strategy in diagnostics.

PhD student Anne-Cathrine F. Viuff.

2017.11.28 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Anne-Cathrine F. Viuff

Prenatal exposure to depression and antidepressant medication: An epigenetic perspective

PhD student Mia Roest Christensen.

2017.11.28 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Mia Roest Christensen

Elucidating the metabolic fingerprint behind ischemic conditioning

2017.11.28 | Administrative

We can create a good work environment together

"We'll be starting work on the election of new occupational health and safety representatives in early De-cember. In this blog post, I'd like to emphasise the importance of us all working together to create a good work environment within the administration – and encourage you to consider whether you'd like to stand for election" University…

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