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2018.12.21 | Research

Colorectal cancer surgery and acute kidney injury

New PhD thesis from DCE focuses on the risk and prognosis for acute kidney injury among colorectal cancer patients

2018.12.21 | Administrative

Newsletter 91 from December 2018

Dear all It is Christmas time again, and in the management team, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent work in 2018. Especially as there is a lot to be pleased about. Our research and education are at an impressive level which we will strengthen further by rethinking the research environments - read more below.…

2018.12.21 | Seminar

Joint Research Presentations: Extended Fellows' Seminar

Short 6-minute research presentations by all AIAS Fellows.

2018.12.21 | Seminar

AIAS Fellows' Seminar: Andrew Faulkner

Transforming the Canon. Early Christian Poetry and the Graeco-Roman Literary Tradition

Implementing the larger units the researchers will be able to act collectively in regard to the international research environments, foundations and business and industry, says Søren Paludan. Photo: AU.
Department Head Thomas G. Jensen hope and believe that the changes to the organisation will strengthen all the research groups and thus also the department as a whole. Photo: AU

2018.12.21 | Research

Stronger research environments at the Department of Biomedicine

On 1 January, the Department of Biomedicine will make changes to its management and organisation. The goal is to strengthen research, and the means will be four research themes that will create greater visibility externally and a better sense of belonging internally. At the same time, Professor Søren Paludan is joining the management team as…

2018.12.20 | Research

Use of opioids before hospitalization and risk of critical illness

New PhD thesis from DCE looks at use of opioids prior to hospital admission among the nonsurgical critically ill in relation to risk and prognosis

2018.12.20 | Symposium

DANDRITE Mini Symposium

Host and Chairman: DANDRITE Group Leader Sadegh Nabavi

Visualization of Forum. Designed by the companies KPC, LINK Architecture, SWECO and SLA.

2018.12.20 | Administrative

New landmark for research and treatment at Aarhus University Hospital

The regional council of Central Denmark Region has approved the construction of a 14-storey building named Forum, which will become the new center for Aarhus University Hospital. The Department of Clinical Medicine at Aarhus University will move a number of its research units and facilities to the building.

2018.12.20 | Seminar

AIAS Fellows' Seminar: Tomonori Takeuchi

Memory modulation by light

2018.12.20 | Seminar

AIAS Fellows' Seminar: Sâmia Joca

Cannabinoids and depression. Towards a new age of antidepressant research with cannabidiol.

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