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2013.07.30 | All groups

The Aarhus University annual celebration

The annual celebration will be held on Friday 13 September. The university will celebrate the day with a formal programme in the Main Hall in the afternoon and a concert at Concert Hall Aarhus in the evening.

2013.07.30 | Education

Incorrect information in computer message about admission of full degree students – letter sent to students holds the correct information.

Last night, some of the newly admitted full degree students received an incorrect message concerning standby admission via the University's electronic self-service system. The letter they will be receiving by letter post later today holds the correct information..

2013.07.24 | Academic staff

BSS recieves AACSB accreditation

The recognised accreditation body AACSB has announced that Aarhus University has earned AACSB accreditation for its School of Business and Social Sciences. The accreditation plays a major role in the efforts to become a Triple Crown accredited business school.

2013.07.30 | All AU units

UIC: Summer Concert in the Old Water Tower

[Translate to English:] Join us for this very special event; a beautiful small concert on the 7th floor of the Water Tower on Randersvej! The concert will be performed by musicians from Aarhus Amateur Symphony Orchestra. More details to follow, but there will be time for refreshments, networking and to enjoy the art inside the Water Tower. As…

2013.07.30 | All AU units

UIC: Guided tour of Aarhus Ø/Island

Meet up at the bus stop (bus no. 33) on Jette Tikjøb’s Square, Aarhus Ø. Head of the development office Lotte Pape will guide us on Aarhus Ø and introduce us to the master plan of Aarhus Docklands. In case of rain, the introduction to the plans will take place inside the Dome of Visions.  Read more on www.au.dk/uic

New research indicates that chimpanzees can retrieve memories acquired three years earlier. Photo: Colourbox

2013.07.19 | Research

Chimpanzee memory similar to human memory

New research from Aarhus University, Center on Autobiographical Memory Research, School of Business and Social Sciences challenges traditional beliefs that apes cannot remember events that have taken place more than 72 hours earlier.

The Dean at Health, Allan Flyvbjerg.

2013.07.03 | Technical / administrative staff

The Dean's summer greeting

Allan Flyvbjerg wishes the employess at Health a nice summer.

The foxglove plant (Digitalis) is used for heart medicine, but it must be used with caution as it is toxic. Photo: Colourbox

2013.07.05 | Research

New research can improve heart medicine

New research from Aarhus University can be of decisive importance for the thousands of Danes living with a heart disease. A new understanding of how a widely used compound in heart medicine affects the cells may make it possible to develop a new medicine for treating fibrillation and heart failure, for example.

Clinical study by HIV researchers confirm the hypothesis that a new drug can reactivate latent HIV in humans.

2013.07.01 | Research

Hidden hiv virus can be forced out of hiding

Danish researchers have taken a small step towards a cure against HIV.