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2020.06.02 | Administrative

Participate in Teams meetings from meeting rooms at AU

From Wednesday 3 June, it will be possible to participate in Teams meetings from meeting rooms with video conferencing equipment at AU.

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2020.05.29 | Research

Now you can also use Zoom for internal and external meetings

An assessment of Zoom's security and capacity shows that the platform can be used for internal meetings and meetings with external partners as well. Not all functions can be supported centrally.

2020.05.29 | People news

Welcome back to Hande Login who will continue as Assistant Professor in Nykjær's group

Hande will investigate the role of SorCS2, a member of Sortilin receptor family, in the development of brain vasculature and in vascular homeostasis by using transgenic mouse and zebrafish as model organisms. A better understanding of the molecular players that are involved in vascular growth control within the brain will greatly benefit the…

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2020.05.29 | Administrative

Protect each other when you return to campus

It’s wonderful that Aarhus University can open its doors to many employees again. But we aren’t returning to business as usual, stressed Rector Brian Bech Nielsen.

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2020.05.29 | Administrative

Corona hygiene at AU– disinfectant for everyone and extra focus on cleaning

The university is gradually reopening, and Estates Facilities is working hard to get all of the necessary hygiene measures in place for returning employees. Disinfectant for everyone is on the way, and cleaning has been systematised. But we all share a responsibility to maintain a high level of hygiene.

2020.05.28 | PhD defense

Doctoral defence: Helge Kasch

Pain and Long-term Disability Following Whiplash Injury.

2020.05.28 | PhD defense

Virtual PhD defence: Laura Toussaint

Quantifying and reducing doses to brain structures associated with cognition following cranial irradiation of childhood cancer through the use of proton therapy.

2020.05.28 | Research


A new research study headed by the Department of Biomedicine at Aarhus University identifies how viruses avoid the body’s immune system and cause infections and diseases. The new knowledge could pave the way for the treatment of viral diseases such as COVID-19.

Denise Happ

2020.05.28 | Events

12 June: Online PhD defence by Denise Happ

PhD student Denise Happ from TNU will defend her thesis "Experimental investigations of depression and stroke as comorbidities".

2020.05.28 | Events

Do you want to learn how to use LinkedIn?

Are you (or would you like to be) active on LinkedIn? And would you like to contribute to the faculty's focus on the professionals’ social media? Now you have the chance to learn new skills you can use on the platform, which can help you draw attention to your work and your workplace.

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