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Three basic research centres at Aarhus University have had their grant periods extended until 2019

2013.10.01 | Research

International experts impressed by the quality of basic research in Denmark

Three basic research centres at Aarhus University have had their grant periods extended until 2019.

Physician Rajkumar Ragupathy and medical doctor Maria Fournais Langschwager are among the participants at Denmark's first innovation programme targeting the healthcare sector.

2013.10.04 | Health and disease

Denmark's first health inventors on the way

Engineers, medical doctors, a physician and a midwife. These are some of the profiles of a newly started, Stanford-inspired supplementary training programme at Aarhus University. In the course of a year, the unconventional class will generate ideas and develop products for the healthcare sector.

Farm work can help prevent or dampen hypersensitivity to birch pollen and other allergens.

2013.09.26 | Health and disease

The immune system benefits from life in the countryside

For the first time ever, research from Aarhus University has demonstrated that exposure to a farming environment may prevent or dampen hypersensitivities and allergies - even in adults.

2013.10.11 | Collaboration


Evgenia Zorina was just supposed to be in Denmark for four months. But she grew so fond of the little fairy tale country, that she has now lived, worked and studied here for nine years.

Diseases of the brain are the focal point of Leif Østergaards research project, which has received € 1.7 million from the EU Joint Programme – Neurodegenerative Disease Research (JPND).

2013.10.08 | People news

Substantial grant to curb serious brain diseases

Leif Østergaard from Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital is participating in a research project which has received a € 1.7 million grant from a joint EU project. The objective of the project is to curb the increase in Alzheimer’s disease, Lewy body dementia and Parkinson’s disease.

2013.09.23 | Collaboration

2013 Distinguished Alumnus: Jens Erik Sørensen, Director of ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum

Art can blow you away. That was what the young electrician Jens Erik Sørensen experienced, causing him to change direction and take up art history at Aarhus University. Since then he has been dedicated to conveying art to others and he has created an art museum of international format. Director for Aros, Jens Erik Sørensen, is the 2013…

[Translate to English:] Lektor i Retskemi Christian Lindholst er ny leder af Institut for Retsmedicin. Foto: Lars Kruse/AU

2013.09.20 | People news

New leader for forensic pathologists in Aarhus

Associate Professor of Forensic Chemistry and Head of Section of Narcotics Analysis Christian Lindholst is the new head of the Department of Forensic Medicine at Aarhus University.

2013.09.25 | Administrative

Adjustment of AU's email address policy

To give the employees as much influence as possible on their new email addresses, the senior management team has decided to adjust its former decision on how to combine email addresses and unit names.

Herman Autrup has received awards before. He received the Frits Sobel Award for his work on the relation between environmental poisons and the human genome and the role of environmental poisons in the development of cancer.

2013.09.25 | People news

Award of merit goes to toxicologist

A researcher from Aarhus University just received a prestigious international award for his research into chemical substances and their health effects.

Sven Erik Nørholt, newly appointed clinical professor at Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital.

2013.09.24 | All groups

New clinical professor in jaw surgery

Sven Erik Nørholt has taken up a position as clinical professor at Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital. He specialises in jaw surgery and diseases of the jaw bones.

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