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2015.09.30 | Research

Diabetes drugs do not lead to pancreatic cancer

Use of incretin-based drugs like GLP-1 analogs and DPP-4 inhibitors for the treatment of diabetes does not increase the risk of pancreatic cancer. That is shown in a case-control study by consultant Reimar Thomsen and colleagues from Department of Clinical Epidemiology. The dugs have been under suspicion for increasing the risk of pancreatic…

The jubilee alumni had plenty to talk about, when they were gathered to celebrate their graduation from Aarhus University at the last Friday in September. Photo: Maria Randima Brauer Sørensen, Aarhus University.

2015.10.21 | Events

Jubilee alumni met fellow students again

A sunny autumn day on the last Friday in September greeted the doctors, dentists and dental hygienists who were gathered to celebrate their graduation from Aarhus University 25, 40 or 50 years earlier.

Left to right: Lars Bo Petersen, Louise Hauge Matzen and Gabriela Salatino Liedke.

2015.10.08 | People news

Hattick for dentists from AU at international congress in Chile

Three dentists from the Department of Dentistry, Aarhus University, won first, second and third prizes at an international congress in Chile. The prizes were given for the researchers' scientific contributions.

The award ceremony in London. Left to right: Fausto Pinto (President of the European Society of Cardiology), Morten Schmidt and the three other award winners.
Morten Schmidt conducts research into the long-term prognosis for patients who have suffered a heart attack before they reach the age of 50.

2015.10.08 | People news

Award for research into heart attacks

Medical doctor Morten Schmidt from AU and AUH has just received a Young Investigator Award at the largest cardiology congress in the world, which this year took place in London with over 32,000 participants. He receives the award for being among the four best in the category Population Sciences.

2015.09.29 | Collaboration

Oecon alumni gained a 360° view on entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship was seen from many different angles when the Oecon Association zoomed in on the concept at the annual Oecon Conference on 26 September. Practitioners and theorists debated the conditions for successful entrepreneurship in Denmark.

The grants are awarded  with the aim of providing younger researchers the best possible conditions for producing outstanding research results at a high international level.

2015.10.06 | People news

Postdoc grants from the Danish Council for Independent Research | Medical Sciences to researchers from Health

The Danish Council for Independent Research | Medical Sciences awards 24 postdoc grants to research talents in Denmark to the sum of approximately DKK 46 million. Three researchers from Health receives grants.

In cooperation with the Marie Curie Program under FP7, the Danish Council for Independent Research awards 25 research mobility grants for approximately DKK 52 million.

2015.10.06 | People news

DFF awards researchers from Health with DFF-MOBILEX mobility grants

The Danish Council for Independent Research awards 25 research mobility grants for approximately DKK 52 million. Two researchers from Health are among the recipients.

2015.09.29 | Administrative

Are you familiar with the rules on cheating at exams?

The definition of cheating at exams has just been tightened up. Do you understand the rules? And do you know what the consequences of cheating at exams are if you cheat unintentionally because you’re not familiar with the rules? Take the new quiz and find out!

2015.09.28 | Research

Lower mortality in hospitals with high level of accreditation compliance

A new study shows a relation between mortality and compliance with accreditation in Danish hospitals. In Denmark, an accreditation program for hospitals was introduced in 2009, while such schemes have been used in other countries for several years. However, evidence of improved patient care in high accredited hospitals compared to less accredited…

Eva Amalie Nielsen

2015.09.28 | PhD defense

PhD defense: Eva Amalie Nielsen

A stressed right ventricle, morphology and long-term outcome.

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