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2019.05.30 | Administrative

Newsletter 96, May 2019

Dear all Please find latest news:

2019.05.29 | Research

Names of the members of the Committee for Diversity and Gender Equality

The faculties have decided who will be representing them in the university's new Committee for Diversity and Gender Equality.

2019.05.28 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Jenny-Ann Phan

Synaptic Integrity in the Nigrostriatal Pathway in Parkinson’s Disease and Healthy Condition.

2019.05.28 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Katja Krustrup Pedersen

Dynamic muscle function during musclular fatigue.

2019.05.28 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Line Kolding

Exposure to psychotropic medications during pregnancy cardiotoxic and teratological effects.

2019.05.28 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Bente Skovsby Toft

Being a large body in activity: experiences of lifestyle change over an 18 month period.

The NorDoc PhD Summit will be held in Aarhus between 29-30 August 2019. At the summit, PhD students, postdocs and supervisors will zero in on transferable skills and alternative career paths in the modern job market. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Photo.

2019.05.28 | Events

NorDoc PhD Summit: From PhD to job market

Today, two out of three PhD graduates find employment outside the universities. This places new demands on the PhD students as they now have to think much more about alternative career paths. The transition from a PhD degree programme to the job market is therefore the theme this August when Health hosts a Scandinavian PhD general meeting. And…

2019.05.28 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Ole Adrian Heggli

Strategies for interpersonal synchronization in musicians: Behaviour, modelling, and neuroimaging.

2019.05.28 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Hanan Amadid

Which physical activity patterns prevent diabetes and cardiovascular disease in people with elevated diabetes risk?

2019.05.28 | Administrative

Short video provides an important introduction to emergency response at AU

In an emergency, we all need to know what we can do to help each other. A new short video teaches employees and students what they need to know about emergency response procedures at Aarhus University. The video covers how to sound the alarm, evacuate and stay informed in a crisis.

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