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2019.03.29 | Administrative

Newsletter 94 March 2019

Dear all Here is another newsletter of 2019

2019.03.29 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Peter Lykke Eriksen

Metabolic liver functions in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Photo: Lars Kruse

2019.03.29 | Administrative

AU puts cleaning assignments in selected buildings out to tender

In the course of the next 9-12 months, a detailed decision-making basis will be prepared for the possible outsourcing of 51 buildings at AU. Consultation responses and comments from liaison committees, union representatives and others will be included in this tender process. When the final basis for decision is completed in early 2020, the…

2019.03.28 | Meeting

Neuroscience Day 2019 - Brain Jam

This year’s focus of the Neuroscience day will be “Protein aggregation Brain diseases” under the headline: Brain Jam.

Associate professor Ulrik Dalgas receives founds from TrygFonden.

2019.03.28 | Research

Should exercise supplement medicine for older people with multiple sclerosis?

A new study at Aarhus University aims to clarify whether intense strength training protects the nerve and muscle system of older multiple sclerosis patients and thereby delay disease progression. The research is supported by TrygFonden.

2019.03.28 | Research

New book from forensic medicine: 100 years of death and disaster

Murders, disasters and assaults have defined the Department of Forensic Medicine as a workplace. The book 100 års retsmedicin. Til gavn for de levende (in English: 100 years of Forensic Medicine: For the Benefit of the Living) qualifies the picture of forensic medicine that the majority of people have thanks to crime series and books – but which…

Seniors and people suffering from weak muscles and bones due to illness may benefit from a new group of medicinal products, which increases muscle- and bone mass of mice in a few weeks.

2019.03.27 | Research

New medication gives mice bigger muscles

Researchers from Aarhus University have studied a new group of medicinal products which increase the muscle- and bone mass of mice over a few weeks. This offers hope to the elderly and people suffering from weak muscles and bones due to illness.

2019.03.26 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Maria C. Elkjær

The use of multi-parametric MRI in active surveillance of prostate cancer.

There was a high level of commitment from the participants at AU's sustainability seminar, where 150 students and staff members attended. Photo: Lars Kruse

2019.03.25 | Administrative

The seeds of a more sustainable AU have been sown

At last week’s internal sustainability seminar, highly committed students and employees generated valuable ideas for a more sustainable AU. The next steps will be the development of a sustainability strategy and an ambassador network.

2019.03.21 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Pernille Gabel

To screen or not to screen - A decision aid to support informed decision making in colorectal cancer screening.

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