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2019.02.28 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Stine Thyssen

Novel Post-Translational Modifications Derived From Ketone Body Metabolism.

2019.02.28 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Kasper Faarkrog Høyer

Exploring the role of NAD salvage systems in the liver for substrate utilization using hyperpolarized magnetic resonance scanning.

2019.02.28 | Administrative

Newsletter 93 February 2019

Dear all This is the second newsletter of 2019

2019.02.28 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Christophe Henri Valdemar Duez

Neurological prognostication after cardiac arrest using EEG and biomarkers – with a focus on prolonged targeted temperature management.

2019.02.28 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Niels Sanderhoff Degn

SorCS2 as a modifier of disease progression in Huntington's disease.

2019.02.28 | Collaboration

Human First partnership ready with initiatives in two areas

Two programme groups under the Human First partnership have submitted white papers with proposals for specific initiatives that will be further developed over the coming years.

Postdoctoral Bioinformatician, Andrew Schork, Institute for Biological Psychiatry, Capital Region of Denmark

2019.02.28 | Research

A genome-wide association study for shared risk across major psychiatric disorders in a nation-wide birth cohort implicates fetal neurodevelopment as a key mediator

In a GWAS comparing individuals with any psychiatric disorder to those free from all diagnoses, we demonstrate that specific genetic variants can increase the risk for multiple psychiatric outcomes simultaneously and may do so through a disruption of fetal neurodevelopment.

Senior Researcher, Annette Erlangsen, Mental Health Centre Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark

2019.02.28 | Research

Genetics of suicide attempts in individuals with and without mental disorders: a population-based genome-wide association study

Molecular studies have attempted to identify specific genes that contribute to suicide risk and mental disorders are strongly linked to suicidal behavior. Given that liability for a wide range of mental disorders is associated with a common set of genetic factors, it is plausible that the effect of genes on suicidal behavior could be mediated…

Senior Postdoc, Chun Chieh Fan, Institute for Biological Psychiatry, Capital Region of Denmark

2019.02.28 | Research

Spatial fine-mapping for gene-by-environment effects identifies risk hot spots for schizophrenia

The spatial clustering of schizophrenia cases is well documented and found to be associated with urbanicity. However, despite there is substantial genetic component in the disease etiology, it is unclear the spatial clustering is related to gene by environment interaction (GxE) or not.

Niels Jessen is an expert in the use of medicine and has specialised in research into diabetes with particular focus on the significance of physical activity.

2019.03.01 | People news

Elite Research Prize recipient: Bears can help us fight diabetes

Each year, five of Denmark’s research frontrunners are honoured with the Elite Research Prize. One of this year’s prizes goes to Niels Jessen from Aarhus University and the Steno Diabetes Center Aarhus at Aarhus University Hospital. He is currently looking into why bears do not suffer from serious complications despite being both inactive and fat.

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