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2014.10.30 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Rikke Holm Jensen

Structure-function analysis of the Na+,K+-ATPase in relation to cation binding and neurological diseases studied by site-directed mutagenesis.

2014.10.30 | PhD defense

PhD defence Morten Würtz

Effekten af aspirin hos patienter med hjertekarsygdom.

2014.10.30 | PhD students

Inaugural lecture: Cecilia Ramlau-Hansen

Semen quality and pubertal development - status and perspectives

2014.10.30 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Janni Majgaard Jensen

Tubular handling of sodium and water using urinary biomarkers of water- and sodium transporters in healthy humans and chronic kidney disease

2014.10.30 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Martin Vesterby

Telemedicin kan understøtte innovation i sundhedssektoren, hjælpe patienter gennem en stor operation og reducere udgifter.

2014.10.30 | Public/Media

The air strike on Gestapo headquarters at Aarhus University

This is the 70th anniversary of the RAF air raid on the halls of residence at Aarhus University. The raid was ordered by the Jutland resistance movement because the Gestapo had their headquarters and archives in the university buildings.

Telemedicine is beneficial for patients who have undergone hip surgery. They can return home the day after the operation and achieve the same results with the support of telemedicine.
Medical doctor and PhD student Martin Vesterby has carried out the study.

2014.11.03 | Research

Hip surgery patients heal at home in front of the TV

Telemedicine is helpful for patients who have undergone major hip surgery. Shortly after the operation they can be sent home to sit in front of the TV, from where they can see rehabilitation exercises, confer with the doctor and read about their medicine.

2014.10.30 | Public/Media

Value, Trauma, and the Future of Humanity

Annual Hartnack Lecture by R. Jay Wallace Followed by a reception. All are welcome.

2014.10.30 | Grants and awards

Award at ICPE

PhD student Kirstine Kobberøe Søgaard from Department of Clinical Epidemiology won an award for second best student abstract at the annual International Conference on Pharmacoepidemiology and Therapeutic Risk Management (ICPE), which has just been held in Taipei in Taiwan. Kirstine’s abstract and poster was on ”30-Year Mortality Following Venous…

2014.10.30 | Technical / administrative staff

Christmas Party at Biomedicine

This year's Christmas party is held on Friday 12 December 2014 in Stakladen. Expect a great party - the Christmas Party committee is preparing a gala! Registration is open as from 30 October to 28 November 2014 on a "first come, first served" principle.

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