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2018.01.29 | Event

Brain Diseases

Learn more about the Thematic Calls from the Lundbeck Foundation.

The winner of this year’s JCD Prize is Associate Professor, PhD, Per Kallestrup.

2018.01.30 | People news

VIDEO: Here is the PhD supervisor of the year

Each year, the PhD students at Health award the JCD Prize to a PhD supervisor who has made an extraordinary effort. See who won this year’s award.

The PET scanner functions in many ways like a MRI scanner, but an examination takes ninety minutes and makes use of a radioactive substance when measuring the metabolic processes in the body. With a MRI scanner, it takes two minutes.

2018.02.08 | Research

Mathematical model approves new effective and fast scanning method

Researchers from Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital are behind a mathematical model that rubber stamps scanning methods which examine the body’s metabolism fifty times faster than corresponding PET scans.

2018.01.29 | Research

Novo Nordisk Foundation awards DKK 255 million for establishing the world’s most powerful protein “microscope”

The Novo Nordisk Foundation is supporting the establishment of an ultra-modern research platform in Lund, Sweden. The platform will enable researchers to investigate proteins at a level of detail not previously possible and can thus form the basis for developing new drugs. Researchers from Aarhus University have had a strong impact on the…

2018.01.29 | Conference

Danish Cancer Research Days

Bringing basic and clinical research closer together.

2018.02.08 | Research

Debate: We must maintain trust between the university and the general population

Health researchers need to communicate new knowledge in the mass media, even in cases where their results can lead to an overload of the healthcare system. But this communication must be done in a responsible manner based on the universities' code of conduct for responsible conduct of research.

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2018.01.26 | Administrative

Two-step – what?

Two-step authentication adds an extra layer of protection when you log on to a system or service. Most VPN connections to the university will require two-step authentication in future. If you use a VPN, you can register for two-step authentication at mit.au.dk.

2018.01.25 | People news

Wen-Hsien Hou is a new postdoc in Capogna Group

Wen-Hsien Hou is a new postdoc in Marco Capogna's group supported by AUFF NOVA and affiliated PROMEMO from January 15th. He was awarded a PhD in Neuroscience at the National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan, working on the GABAergic system in the rodent amygdala. At Aarhus University he will continue to investigate the…

2018.01.25 | People news

Meet Jariwala is a new PhD student in Capogna Group

Meet Jariwala is a new PhD student in Marco Capogna's group supported by PROMEMO from January 1st. His project aims to elucidate the role of memory synaptic proteins in the amygdala circuits of rodents using in vivo electrophysiology and optogenetics.

Can robots save welfare? Listen to the debate and meet the robot Norma at MatchPoints Seminar 2018.
Society can reap strong economic benefits by investing in early childhood development programmes for disadvantaged children. This insight is central to the work of James Heckman, a Nobel Prize-winning expert in the economics of human development, one of the keynote speakers at MatchPoints Seminar 2018.

2018.01.23 | Events

Aarhus is a centre for an international conference on the future of the welfare state

How can the welfare state survive? This is the topic to be considered by the MatchPoints Seminar, which will be welcomed by Aarhus University and Aarhus Municipality from 24 to 26 May 2018. Conference delegates will be able to meet people like James Heckman, American winner of the Nobel Prize, a broad selection of experts, politicians,…

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