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2019.01.18 | Meeting

House Meeting Anatomy

Agenda:  1. Information from the management and discussion 2. Specific current topics (your suggestions) 3. Information from the management of the animal facilities and discussion 4. Information from the Health and Safety representatives and discussion 5. Information from the Secretariat and…

Photo: Lars Kruse

2019.01.17 | Administrative

Workplace Assessment (WPA) 2019: The WPA survey will begin in week 9

The WPA will take place here at the university in the period 25 February to 13 March. The WPA is about evaluating the work environment and your well-being at the workplace. When you complete the WPA questionnaire, you are contributing to taking the temperature of employee well-being at AU and helping to identify what aspects of our shared work…

2019.01.17 | Event

Advanced Course on Molecular Basis of Resilience to Depression

This Advanced Course explores the broad range of resilience mechanisms that have been revealed in recent years, and strives uniquely to achieve integration across multiple levels of experimental analysis.

2019.01.17 | Event

Advanced Course on The Gut-Brain Axis

This Advanced Course will focus on the tools and strategies being used to explore the impact of gut signals (both hormones and nerve signalling) on brain function and behaviour.

2019.01.17 | Event

Advanced Course on RNA, Epitranscriptomics and Plasticity

In this course, participants will acquire a deeper understanding of how qualitative state changes in RNA can increase the functional diversity and information-carrying capacity of RNA molecules.

2019.01.17 | Event

Advanced Course on Multiscale Approach to Brain Disorders

This Advanced Course will focus on novel multi-scale approaches to neuropsychiatry: how can we bridge from genes to circuits and behaviour to improve definition, categorization and precision treatment of brain disorders.

2019.01.17 | Event

Advanced Course on Protein Homeostasis and Cognitive Function

In this Advanced Course focused on protein homeostasis and cognitive function, a group of world-renowned investigators with a deep knowledge of the proteostasis pathways, pathology and cognition will provide attendees with gain first-hand exposure to this fascinating field and participants will learn how to connect molecular, cellular, synaptic…

2019.01.17 | Event

Advanced Course on Cognitive Neuroscience of Thought

This advanced course will focus on cutting edge techniques for integrating behavioral, computational, and developmental approaches with neuroimaging of the human brain, to understand the evolution, development and neural basis of human social life.

2019.01.17 | Event

Advanced Course on Novel Technologies for the Study of Cognitive Function

This Advanced Course will review the latest published and unpublished ground-breaking approaches and technical developments in the study of cognitive function, such as novel optogenetic and chemogenetic tools to manipulate molecular, cellular and circuit function with unparalleled temporal and spatial resolution, exciting new in vivo molecular,…

2019.01.17 | Event

Advanced Course on Neural Circuits of Social Cognition

The Advance Course lectures will be led by experts in their respective fields who will discuss modern multidisciplinary approaches to study the neurobiology of social behavior, ranging from molecular genetics to optogenetics and neuroimaging from classical ethological to modern neuroscience perspectives.

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