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2014.09.12 | Conference

INHDR Conference

Evaluating the unintended effects of anti-doping

2014.09.12 | Meeting

UIC: Danes, the most trusting people

by Professor Gert Tinggaard Svendsen, AU Dept. Political Science and Government

[Translate to English:] Professor Walter F. Boron blev udnævnt som æresdoktor ved Aarhus Universitet, Health i forbindelse med universitetets årsfest d. 12. september 2014.

2014.09.12 | Public/Media

Professor Walter F. Boron is a new honorary doctor at Aarhus University

Aarhus University has awarded an honorary doctorate in health sciences to a researcher of the highest international standard. Professor Walter F. Boron is considered one of the most important physiologists of our time.

For several months, Mette Lise Lousdal thought that the Queen would be presenting the award, as she did two years previously when Mette Lise Lousdal’s former study mate received the award. However, her study mate could then tell her that this was not customary but because of an anniversary, causing great disappointment for Mette Lise Lousdal when she found out that she would not in fact meet the Queen.

2014.09.30 | People news

Student honoured with travel grant

A health sciences student from Aarhus University has just received HM Queen Margrethe II's Travel Grant. The grant will help to finance a university stay in the USA.

2014.09.22 | Research

Theme: Register-based research

We are all just a number - and that is good!

Stefan Leucht has just been appointed professor at Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital.

2014.09.15 | People news

Aarhus attracts international expert in adult psychiatry

Stefan Leucht has just been appointed professor at Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital. Here he will contribute with his extensive knowledge within psychopharmacological treatment in adult psychiatry.

2014.09.09 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Grethe Lemvik

Active TB among adults and latent TB among exposed children in Guinea-Bissau – risk factors and adherence to preventive therapy.

2014.09.09 | PhD students

Inaugural lecture: Carsten Obel

Being pleased, pleasant and other plausible mental changes

2014.09.09 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Dirk Troitzsch

Overvågning af vævs-iltning under kirurgi. Eksperimentelle undersøgelser.

Rector Brian Bech Nielsen and Berit Eika, the new pro-rector for education, who will be responsible for increasing Aarhus University’s focus on education, in particular degree programme quality.
The four deans. From left: Niels Christian Nielsen, Dean of Science and Technology, Johnny Laursen, acting dean of Arts, Allan Flyvbjerg, dean of Health, and Svend Hylleberg, dean of School of Business and Social Sciences (facing away). The senior management team is made up of the university director, the pro-rector, the rector and the deans.

2014.09.09 | All groups

Dialogue about research and education

In the autumn of 2014, Aarhus University will be moving into a brand-new building, Navitas Park. This new facility will unite the university’s engineering degree programmes and research programmes in a new architectural landmark centrally located in the docklands development in downtown Aarhus.

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