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2019.09.16 | Seminar

Honorary Skou Professor Mini-Symposium

Professor Maria F Gomez, Lund University: “Role of Nuclear Factor of Activated T-cells in vascular complications of diabetes” and Professor David Boas, Boston University: “Optical Imaging of Oxygen Delivery and Consumption: Novel Physiological In-sights and Guiding Interpretation of BOLD fMRI”

One employee representative to AU’s board must be elected from among the academic staff working in the “wet” academic fields. The nomination meeting will take place on 25 September 2019. Photo: Søren Kjeldgaard / AU

2019.09.18 | Administrative

Aarhus University's board needs a new member of academic staff from the “wet” sciences

The election to the Aarhus University board will take place in November 2019. Two employee representatives will be elected from among the academic staff, with one of them coming from the so-called “wet” academic fields which cover Science and Technology and Health.

2019.09.16 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Marzieh Katibeh

Modeling and evaluation of a community-oriented mHealth-based screening program for improving eye health in Iran.

2019.09.16 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Sofie Gottschalk Højfeldt

Asparaginase treatment in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia - outcome and side effects.

Take part in the faculty’s EDU-IT week beginning on Monday 23 October and get educational and digital inputs for your teaching. Photo: Martin Gravgaard.

2019.09.18 | Education

Take part in the EDU-IT week at Health

Looking for inspiration for your teaching? Or do you want some help translating your ideas for digital teaching into practice? Then take part in the EDU-IT week at Health in October.

2019.09.15 | Research

How to cool patients as part of the advanced treatment for cardiac arrest

Intravascular versus surface cooling for targeted temperature management after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: an analysis of the TTH48 trial.

Marianne Dahl, distinguished alumna, together with Rector Brian Bech Nielsen.
Four talented students received the HM Queen Margrethe II Travel Grant.
The four honorary doctors.
Professor Torben Bæk Hansen and Senior Consultant Jens Holbech received the Aarhus University Anniversary Foundation awards.

2019.09.17 | Events

Aarhus University is 91 years old

Today, Aarhus University is celebrating its 91st anniversary with visits from the distinguished alumna Marianne Dahl and the Danish Minister for Higher Education and Science, Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen, among others. Read more about the distinguished alumna, the award winners, and the speeches here.

Professor Torben Bæk Hansen from the Department of Clinical Medicine makes a difference for and at the medical degree programme. As a result he has been awarded the Aarhus University Anniversary Foundation Prize of Honour for Pedagogics 2019. Photo: Anders Trærup.

2019.09.12 | Grants and awards

I’m passionate about turning talented students into skilled doctors

Torben Bæk Hansen from Health has been awarded the Aarhus University Anniversary Foundation Prize of Honour for Pedagogics 2019. He receives the award for his continued excellent and innovative teaching and for the educational initiatives that he brings to the medical degree programme. The award winner is both surprised and overwhelmed.

Forty-seven leading researchers from around the world will be inaugurated as Honorary Skou professors at Health on the exact day when Nobel Laureate Jens Christian Skou would have turned 101. Photo: AU.

2019.09.13 | Events

Three weeks until we welcome our new honorary professors

On 8 October, the very day when Jens Christian Skou would have been 101 years old, 47 prominent researchers from twelve countries and a total of 34 leading universities will be inaugurated at Health as Honorary Skou professors. The appointments strengthen the faculty’s objective of increased internationalisation.

2019.09.13 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Jakob Kirkegård

Acute Pancreatitis and Pancreatic Cancer: Studies of Risk and Prognosis.

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