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Alcohol makes you more prone to hay fever, because alcohol can dehydrate you, possibly exacerbating your reaction to pollen in the air.

2013.06.25 | All groups, Health and disease, Health

New treatment may halt the growth in allergies

One in five Danes suffers from an allergy. At Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital, researchers have identified a treatment which may be able to end the allergy pandemic.

The meat-consumption in Denmark is among the highest in the world.

2013.06.25 | Health and disease, All groups, Health

Barbecue season: cut down on the red meat.

Summer means barbecues and plenty of meat. But take a minute to think about what - and how much of it - you are actually putting on the grill. Eating too much red meat increases the risk of developing cancer, warns a researcher from Aarhus University.

Karina Lykke Grand is responsible for a major research-based Golden Age exhibition at ARoS entitled GOLD – treasures from the Danish Golden Age. In the exhibition she gives us an entirely new perspective on the Golden Age.
Golden Age artists often used to paint each other at work. These paintings reflect their own self-image as lonely, hard-working individuals. But this was not the whole truth about their lives, explains assistant professor Karina Lykke Grand. The truth is that the artists liked company, and cafés were used to create small tourist enclaves. Wilhelm Bendz, Bjerglandskab, approx. 1831. Oil on canvas, 28.9 x 33.9 cm. Belongs to the Hirschsprung Collection, Copenhagen. Photo: The Hirschsprung Collection.
When the phenomenon of tourism arose in the Golden Age, an anti-tourism movement started as well. The anti-tourists often regarded tourists as lazy English noblemen who only went abroad to enjoy themselves. Wilhelm Marstrand, Rejsende i Venedig, 1854. Oil on paper, 35.3 x 26.4 cm. Belongs to the Hirschsprung Collection, Copenhagen. Photo: The Hirschsprung Collection.

2013.06.24 | Public/Media, Arts

When is a tourist not a tourist?

When the whole concept of tourism arose back in the Golden Age, there was also an anti-tourism movement. Artists rejected the idea of being streamlined tourists in favour of what they regarded as a more authentic form of travel. And the hunt for authenticity is still going on in the modern world.

Mads Daugbjerg and his team of fieldworkers interviewed tourists at five selected locations. They collected a substantial body of material consisting of videos, photos, and postcards and diaries written by the tourists.
Mads Daugbjerg, Associate professor, Aarhus University, Department of Culture and Society.

2013.06.24 | Public/Media, Arts

Cycle tourism in Denmark: falling behind the peloton

Even though the Danes are among the world leaders when it comes to using their bikes on an everyday basis, Denmark is less popular than it used to be as a destination for cycle tourists. An anthropologist from AU has been studying the phenomenon of cycle tourism to find out what it takes to enjoy a holiday on wheels.

Anne Marit Waade has just published a book shedding light on the vital role of landscapes, light and a provincial environment in TV series and the way they are marketed.
Anne Marit Waade, associate professor, Media Studies

2013.06.24 | Public/Media, Arts

Following in the footsteps of your heroes

Ystad has a Wallander package, Paris offers a Da Vinci trip, and Oxford has Harry Potter tours. It’s called film tourism, and it has grown into a world-wide phenomenon. In Denmark film tourism is still relatively new, but one expert believes that in future Danish towns and cities will play an increasingly major role when tourists want to see where…

Researchers from all parts of the world will be discussing doping at an interdisciplinary conference in Aarhus.

2013.06.25 | Health and disease, Public/Media, Health

Doping in sport – what do we actually know?

The international doping conference at Aarhus University will provide a forum for discussing what we actually know about doping in sport. For example, it will take a critical look at our knowledge of doping cultures, the athletes’ psychology and existing research in the area.

2013.06.28 | Events, All groups, All AU units

AU thanked Lauritz B. Holm-Nielsen

People thronged the University Main Hall as employees, students and collaborators from the past eight years said farewell to the outgoing Rector Lauritz B. Holm-Nielsen. Read quotes from the speeches and see the photos from the farewell reception

2013.09.30 | Research, Public/Media, All AU units

Current: Bohr's model

of the atom

Centenary of Bohr's revolutionary model of the atom

2015.04.29 | Collaboration, Alumni, External target group


Recently, the 15,000th alum became an active member of Aarhus University's alumni network. Therefore, we went to Aalborg to meet the Russian girl, who put a milestone in the history of AU Alumni.

Niels Bohr's philosophical writings are now published in Danish, including his article "EPR", which is a reply to Einstein, with whom Bohr is pictured here.

2013.07.24 | Research, All groups, All AU units

The story of a peculiar theory

It all started with a deeply original, but quite unphilosophical article from 1913, in which Niels Bohr gave a surprising, even provocative, new picture of the architecture of the atom.

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