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2013.09.30 | Public/Media, All AU units

Theme: The wild

animals are coming

Wild boar, wolves, bison belong to the Danish countryside. At least supporters of rewilding think so, and they want to make nature wild again.

2013.09.30 | Public/Media, All AU units

Theme: Summer

Grilling, pollen and film tourism. summer is upon us. The research articles in this theme celebrate the season.

2013.08.22 | Events, PhD students, Dept Clin Epi

DCE represented at ICPE in Montreal

Several employees from Department of Clinical Epidemiology will attend the 29th International Conference on Pharmacoepidemiology & Therapeutic Risk Management (ICPE), which is held in Montreal, Canada, from August 25 to 28. Five employees will give an oral presentation at the conference while five employees will present posters. Medical…

[Translate to English:] Billedet er stillet til rådighed af afdelingslæge Anna Tietze, Aarhus Universitetshospital.

2013.08.23 | Health and disease, Health, Health

New technique to help brain cancer patients

A new scanning technique developed by Danish and US researchers reveals how susceptible patients with aggressive brain cancer are to the drugs they receive. The research behind the ground-breaking technique has just been published in Nature Medicine.

Denmark's largest municipalities and a number of small cities have teamed up with researchers from Aarhus University on developing the website skolesundhed.dk.

2013.08.20 | Health and disease, Alumni, Health

Municipalities launch initiatives to boost schoolchildren’s health

For the past couple of years, Denmark's largest municipalities and a number of small cities have teamed up with researchers from Aarhus University on developing the website skolesundhed.dk. Intended to strengthen health initiatives aimed at children, the project is an example of how an online platform can be used for exchanging knowledge between…

2013.08.19 | Education, Students, All AU units

Easier to use wifi

AU IT has made the wireless network, Eduroam, more secure and at the same time easier to set up. On 20 August, current users must approve a new certificate - and new users can go to wifi.au.dk to set up Eduroam automatically.

Aarhus University is moving up the Shanghai ranking list. Photo: Lars Kruse

2013.08.16 | Research, Academic staff, All AU units

Up five places on world ranking list

Aarhus University has moved up to number 81 on the Chinese Shanghai ranking list of the world's best universities.

2013.08.14 | Grants and awards, PhD students, Dept Clin Epi


PhD student at Department of Clinical Epidemiology Eva Bjerre Ostenfeld has received a number of grants for a research stay at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill in the US: DKK 25,000 from the Danish Cancer Association, DKK 25,000 from Danish Physicians’ Insurance, DKK 20,000 from Aarhus University and DKK 10,000 from the Peder Kristen…

2013.08.09 | Events, PhD students, Dept Clin Epi


Department of Clinical Epidemiology is strongly represented at the European Congress of Epidemiology (EUROEPI), which is held in Aarhus from August 11 to 14. In total, eight from the department will give an oral presentation, while eleven will present a poster. In addition, senior staff from the department is involved in organizing the congress…

[Translate to English:] Foto: Colourbox

2013.08.09 | All AU units, Public/Media, Research

Higher school starting age reduces crime

New research shows that the propensity among boys to commit crime is lowered if school start is postponed one year. Nonetheless, researchers warn against postponing school start.

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