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Up five places on world ranking list

Aarhus University has moved up to number 81 on the Chinese Shanghai ranking list of the world's best universities.

2013.08.16 | Thomas Sørensen

Aarhus University is moving up the Shanghai ranking list. Photo: Lars Kruse

Aarhus University moves up five places in the latest edition of the so-called Shanghai ranking list of the world’s best universities. The university thus achieves its best position so far with an 81st place. Among the Nordic universities AU has moved up one place to number six, while it is number 26 among all European universities.

Part of the explanation for this year's progress is that Aarhus University's researchers have published an  increasing number of articles. These are also published in the major journals Science and Nature, which carry particular weight in the rankings.


17 places in three years

Since 2010, Aarhus University has moved up a total of 17 places on the Shanghai ranking list, whose official name is the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU).

The Shanghai ranking list differs from other university rankings by exclusively using objective criteria such as citations, publications and the number of Nobel Prize winners to determine rankings.

At the top of the list are Harvard, Stanford and University of California, Berkeley. There are three European universities in the top 20, where the best placed is University of Cambridge (at number 5) and University of Oxford (at number 10).

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