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Lone Sunde, Professor with special responsibilities (MSO) in medical genetics at Aarhus University, Department of Biomedicine and Aarhus University Hospital, Department of Clinical Genetics.

2014.03.04 | People news, All groups, Department of Biomedicine

Aarhus professor focuses on genetic diseases

Lone Sunde has been appointed Professor with special responsibilities (MSO) in medical genetics at Aarhus University. Her research is primarily concerned with genetic diseases.

The Innovation Conference at AU will clarify, how the research at AU can help companies to the solve the challenges faced by elite sport.

2014.02.25 | Events, All groups, Health

Sport and knowledge can create growth

Sports stars, business people and researchers meet at the innovation conference at Aarhus University on 4 March. The theme is innovation and growth in the slipstream of major sporting events such as the Olympics.

Maria Rusan is bringing her family with her to the USA. She will be spending the next 18 months at Harvard Medical School, Boston while completing her project.

2014.03.04 | Grants and awards, All groups, Health

PhD student receives Elite Researcher travel grant

Maria Rusan, who is a PhD student at Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital, has just received the Ministry of Education’s Elite Researcher travel grant of DKK 300,000.

Here it is visible, how researchers can now follow metabolic changes by using a new scanning technique. (Click for large foto)

2014.02.24 | Research, All groups, Department of Clinical Medicine

Researchers make the invisible visible

As the first in the world, researchers from Aarhus have shown that a new scanning technique can see changes in metabolism that have until now remained invisible, while they are taking place.

2014.02.26 | Administrative, Technical / administrative staff, All AU units

Leaflets from AU HR in connection with dismissals

AU HR has published a number of leaflets in connection with dismissals at AU that contain practical information for employees. The most recent leaflet is aimed at employees who have received notification of planned dismissal. It contains information about outplacement programmes and possibilities for reassignment.

[Translate to English:] Rektor Brian Bech Nielsen, Foto: Søren Kjeldgaard

2014.02.21 | Administrative, Academic staff, All AU units

Rector Bech Nielsen: A difficult time lies ahead of us

The budget cutbacks at Aarhus University will impact about 350 employees, including about 190 planned dismissals and 160 voluntary resignations. The rector emphasises that AU is facing a difficult time.

HE support is being renamed AU IT, Health to make it easier for staff and students to find their local IT experts.

2014.02.18 | Technical / administrative staff, Health, Health

HE support is changing its name and email address

IT support at Health will be renamed and given a new email address in mid-February. The new measure will make it easier for you to find out where you need to go when your IT-system causes trouble.

Colony of thick-billed murres on Kippaku, northwest Greenland. Historically, overharvest has been the largest threat to Arctic biodiversity, but with few exceptions, overharvest is no longer a primary threat to Arctic biodiversity. The marked decrease in populations of thick-billed murres in Greenland is one of the worst remaining examples. Photo: Knud Falk.
Sea butterfly, a key Arctic sea snail. With the acidification expected in Arctic waters due to the increased concentration of CO2, populations of sea butterflies and other marine calcifying organisms can be severely threatened due to hampering of the calcification processes. Photo: Kevin Lee.
The report “Arctic Biodiversity Assessment” was prepared by 253 scientists from 15 countries under the auspices of the Arctic Council. The printed 674-page report weighs an impressive 2.9 kg!

2014.02.14 | Research, All groups, External target group

Arctic biodiversity under serious threat from climate change

Climate change caused by human activities is by far the worst threat to biodiversity in the Arctic. Some of these changes are already visible, according to a new report prepared by 253 scientists led by Dr Hans Meltofte of Aarhus University.

It has just been made public that four researchers from Health are among the recipients of grants from the Danish Council for Independent Research. Archive: AU Communication.

2014.02.20 | People news, All groups, Health

Aarhus researchers receive grants from the Danish Council for Independent Research

The Danish Council for Independent Research has just awarded research funds totalling more than DKK 40 million. Four of the recipients are researchers from Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital.

2014.02.20 | Public/Media, All AU units, Aarhus University

Theme: Old age changing

There are becoming more and more elderly people. Instead of referring to the burden, however, we should possibly be talking about the strength – and researchers are paving the way with new solutions to the challenges of an ageing population

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