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2015.12.23 | Policy and strategy, All groups, Runsafe

Merry Christmas

RUNSAFE wish all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

2015.12.22 | Administrative, All groups, Department of Biomedicine

Christmas newsletter 57

- Including news about the economy and various deadlines

2015.12.21 | PhD defense, Academic staff, Department of Biomedicine

Phd defence: Kasper Hansen

Skanningskompatibelt trykkammersystem giver nyt indblik i baromedicin

Dean at Health, Allan Flyvbjerg. Photo: Jesper Rais

2015.12.18 | Administrative, Academic staff, Health

Christmas greetings from the Dean

Allan Flyvbjerg wishes all employees at Health a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

2015.12.18 | Grants and awards, PhD students, Dept Clin Epi

Grant for PhD project

PhD student at Department of Clinical Epidemiology Charlotte Slagelse Jensen- Haarup has received a grant of DKK 637,000 from the Central Denmark Region’s Research Foundation for Health Science for salary in relation to her PhD with the title ”Acute kidney injury after colorectal cancer surgery: population-based studies of risk and prognosis”.

AU VOTE presents results using clear graphics. (Left) To a very small extent, (Right) To a very high extent, (Text) The teacher/doctor made use of examples and was spontaneous in the teaching situation

2016.01.11 | Education, Technical / administrative staff, SKT

New evaluation tool for teaching staff at Health

From January 2016 the new teaching and evaluation system Mentimeter is being introduced. CESU and SKT have together purchased a license for the full program, which enables teachers to ask the students questions about the teaching before, during and after each lecture. The system has been tested at the faculty, where it has contributed to teaching…

The picture shows a far better gas transport in a person with no lung diseases in contrast to a person with asthma.

2015.12.18 | Research, Health and disease, All groups

Researchers develop new method for looking into the lungs

For the first time, researchers have succeeded in producing 3D images showing oxygen and CO2 transport in the lungs. The new method provides hope for better treatment of COPD and lung cancer.

Phd defence: Dorthe Hasfeldt-Hansen

2015.12.17 | PhD defense, Health and disease, Academic staff

Phd defence: Dorthe Hasfeldt-Hansen

Noise in the operating room and patients' sense of Coherence - A literature review and a cross-sectional study

2015.12.16 | PhD defense, Academic staff, Department of Clinical Medicine

PhD defense: Helene Tilma Vistisen

Short term effect of night shift work on risk of overall breast cancer and breast cancer classified by estrogen and HER2 receptor status

2015.12.17 | Administrative, All groups, Degree programmes

Apply for funding for international mobility activities with Erasmus+ Staff

Applications are still being taken for Erasmus+ Staff stipends, which can be used to help a variety of international mobility activities, including teaching, jobshadowing and courses at an Erasmus partner institution abroad.

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