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Aarhus University has signed a new contract regarding public sector consultancy. Photo: Søren Kjeldgaard.

2017.03.01 | Research, Research, All groups

New four-year agreement for public sector consultancy at Aarhus University

The new framework agreement provides more clarity regarding publication and confidentiality clauses in Science and Technology’s research-based public sector consultancy.

Under AU’s new plan for increased collaboration with business and industry, five new business committees have been created, one for each faculty and one for the university as a whole. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU.

2017.03.01 | Administrative, All groups, External target group

AU gears up for more business cooperation

Five business committees will ensure a better framework for collaboration between researchers, students and businesses.

[Translate to English:] Erhvervsudvalget på Health skal styrke fakultetets samarbejde med erhvervsliv og offentlige institutioner, både på forsknings- og uddannelsesområdet. Foto:Lars Kruse

2017.03.09 | Policy and strategy, Administration (Academic), PhD students

Health establishes its own industrial cooperation committee

There is potential for growth and development in the universities' collaboration with the outside world. A newly established industrial cooperation committee at Health will strengthen collaboration with private and public companies, both when it comes to research and education.

2017.02.23 | Conference, Language and communication, Academic staff

Fictionality in Literature: Core Concepts Revisited

The conference Fictionality in Literature: Core Concepts Revisited brings together rhetorical fictionality theory with central concepts and critical terms of literary theory.

[Translate to English:] PhD student Maria Primo.

2017.02.23 | PhD defense, Public/Media, Department of Biomedicine


Elucidating roles of miRNAs in innate immunity and inflammatory disease

MD, PhD, Esben Søndergaard Esben Søndergaard. Photo: AU Photo.

2017.03.02 | People news, Public/Media, Department of Clinical Medicine

Three grants to diabetes doctor

Medical doctor at AU and AUH, Esben Søndergaard, will receive three grants towards research into type 2 diabetes.

Sandro Esteves is new honorary professor at Aarhus University.

2017.02.23 | People news, Health and disease, Academic staff

New honorary professor specialising in infertile men

Sandro Esteves is new honorary professor of reproductive endocrinology at the Department of Clinical Medicine at Aarhus University.

Now we have better knowledge about how employers think our medical doctors with a PhD function, says Vice-dean Lise Wogensen Bach. Photo: Jesper Rais, AU.

2017.02.23 | Talent development, Health and disease, Academic staff

Employers: PhD graduates from Health make a good contribution in the clinic

A new study from CESU concludes that the hospitals in the Central Denmark Region are satisfied with the medical doctors who also have a PhD degree from Health.

Anka from the university in Freiburg, Germany is one of the contributing exchange students. She is very satisfied with her stay. Freiburg is also one of the universities which AU's Danish medical students can study at as part of the exchange programme.

2017.02.23 | Education, Academic staff, Health

VIDEO: International semester exchange students filled with enthusiasm

The first group of exchange students on the medical degree programme have now completed the new international semester – and some of them have had a very positive experience. This is shown by a video that a group of students made themselves before they left AU.

The study focuses on the innate immune system. This part of the immune system is inborn and is the first to be activated when we are attacked by an infection. The second part of the immune system – the adaptive – is first activated at a later stage. This is also the system which may be affected by vaccines.

2017.02.21 | Research, Public/Media, Department of Biomedicine

Danish discovery opens up for new type of immunological treatment of cancer

Researchers from Aarhus University have found an important piece of the puzzle leading towards an understanding of how our innate immune system reacts against viral infections and recognises foreign DNA, for example from dying cancer cells. The discovery may prove to be of great importance for immunological treatment of cancer as well as…

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