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2017.08.30 | Meeting, Administration (Academic), Academic staff

Rector will visit

As in previous years, rector makes his round of visits to the departments. This year, rector will visit the Department of Biomedicine on Monday, 9 October. The meeting is held in the Bartholin Auditorium from 9.30-11.00.

2017.08.29 | Conference, PhD students, All AU units

Impact on Society Conference

Are you encouraged by the potential impact of your research? Participate an a conference for PhDs and Postdocs focusing on how to make impact on society and industry.

[Translate to English:] Et studie fra AU viser, at der ved forbrænding af fedt i cellerne sker en afgiftning af de skadelige stoffer fra blodsukkeret, der kan forhindre skader, som kan føre til aldersrelaterede sygdomme som diabetes, Alzheimers og cancer. FOTO: Lise Balsby/AU

2017.09.19 | Research, Health and disease, Academic staff

The body's own fat-metabolism protects against the harmful effects of sugar

Researchers from Aarhus University have discovered a metabolite that reveals how the body's fat-metabolism provides protection against the harmful effects of sugar. This may explain the chemical link between a low carbohydrate diet and healthy aging.

The study "The Viborg Vascular randomised screening trial" was presented at the worlds largest cardiology conference, which took place in Barcelona.

2017.09.05 | Research, Public/Media, Department of Clinical Medicine

Cheaper and better: Simple screening for cardiovascular diseases saves more lives per krone spent than cancer screening

A new simple screening programme for diseases in the cardiovascular system saves a life for every 169 men who are invited to screening. New research from Aarhus University, Viborg Regional Hospital and Odense University Hospital shows that the programme leads to extra lifespan and is cheaper than programmes for cancer screening.

2017.08.28 | Event, Academic staff, Graduate School of Health

Medical Innovation Day

The participating companies present a case and the participants come up with a solution. The most suitable proposals are presented – and the best idea receives a prize. Deadline for registration is 31 August.

2017.08.28 | Meeting, Academic staff, All AU units

Annual Meeting - Danish Society for Toxicology and Pharmacology

This year’s theme is “Gut, Metabolism and Brain in Health and Disease”. This year we invite master students, PhD students and Postdocs to submit an abstract and be selected for oral or poster presentation.

2017.08.28 | Event, Health and disease, PhD students

DSFT Annual Meeting 2017

Gut, Metabolism and Brain in Health and disease

2017.08.28 | Research, PhD students, Dept Clin Epi

New results presented at ESC congress in Barcelona

Morten Schmidt presented new results at the Young Investigator Award session at the European Society of Cardiology congress

2017.08.28 | Seminar, Academic staff, All AU units

Value in Research Workshop

What kind of value can you contribute with based on your research? Who are the stakeholders for your future activities? Join the workshop and learn about Research Canvas - a science coommunication tool that captures the key elements and unique differentiators of your research.

2017.08.28 | Seminar, Academic staff, All AU units

Business Modelling

For many new researchers, the language of business can somethimes seem remote. Every company will present and discuss their Business Model or Value Proposition – but what do these terms mean? Why do companies focus on risk and value creation?

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