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2015.02.27 | Administrative, All groups, Department of Biomedicine

Newsletter 48

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2015.03.05 | Administrative, PhD students, Department of Biomedicine

Looking back and forwards at the first department meeting of the year

The first department meeting of the year at Biomedicine included a visit from the Dean's Office and a status for the past year. There were also presentations on teaching at Health, the development of the PhD programme and the results of collaboration with business and industry.

Seija Sørensen

2015.03.10 | Research, Health and disease, All groups

Too few autopsies are a problem for prevention and treatment

We risk overlooking serious diseases, accidents and homicides by not carrying out more autopsies. Danish practice with few autopsies creates unreliability to the Danish register of causes of death. This is the result of new research from Aarhus University.

Four of the six Research Business Managers at Health at the first working meeting: From left to right: Christian Lindholst from the Department of Forensic Medicine, Rubens Spin-Neto from the Department of Dentistry, Claus Olesen from the Department of Biomedicine and Martin Vesterby from the Department of Clinical Medicine. The other managers are Carsten Obel from the Department of Public Health and Anne B. Christensen from The School of Oral Health Care.

2015.03.03 | Collaboration, Health and disease, All groups

New Research Business Managers ready to knuckle down

Ideas flew thick and fast across the table when the four newly appointed Research Business Managers from Health held their first joint network meeting. Now is the time for specific initiatives to establish business connections and to create awareness internally so colleagues know they can find advice and input.

2015.02.26 | Meeting, Research, Department of Biomedicine

VIP Meeting at Human Genetics

2015.02.26 | Meeting, Academic staff, Department of Biomedicine

VIP Meeting at Anatomy

2015.02.26 | Meeting, Research, Academic staff

VIP Meeting at Physiology

2015.02.26 | Meeting, Research, Academic staff

VIP Meeting at IMMI

2015.02.26 | PhD defense, Health and disease, Academic staff

PhD defence: Helle Kristensen

On wednesday March 4th at 3pm Helle Kristensen will defend her PhD thesis. The defence will take place on the ground floor, Science Center Skejby, building D-E, Aarhus University Hospital, Olof Palmes Alle 43, 8200 Aarhus N.

2015.02.26 | Research, Health and disease, All groups

People with ADHD are twice as likely to die prematurely

Patients suffering from attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are more than twice as likely to die prematurely, often due to accidents. Such are the results of an extensive study conducted by researchers from the National Centre for Register-Based Research at Aarhus University. Their ground-breaking results have just been published in…

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