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Prof. Thomas Willnow

2019.11.29 | Grants and awards, Research, Public/Media

Prof. Thomas Willnow, MDC Berlin, will establish a new research group at Dept. of Biomedicine

Prof. Thomas Willnow has been awarded a DKK 50 mio. Novo Nordisk Foundation Laurate grant and will start at Department of Biomedicine on 1 December 2019.

2019.11.29 | Administrative, Administration (Academic), All groups

Newsletter 101 November 2019

Dear all Please find the latest news:

2019.11.29 | Meeting, PhD students, Neurocampus

Career Guidance and Junior researcher Development Program

Information meeting will take place on Tuesday 3 December at 11.30-13:00.

2019.11.29 | Seminar, Public/Media, Dandrite

Seminar by Sandrine Pierre, Ph.D.

Associate Investigator and Education Coordinator, Sandrine Pierre, from Marshall Institute for Interdisciplinary Research, USA, will give a lecture entitled "Manipulations of Atp1a1 in the mouse uncover new Na/K-ATPase isoform-specific biological functions"

2019.11.29 | Symposium, Public/Media, Dandrite

FENS 2020 in Virtual forum

As a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the FENS Forum 2020 will be held entirely virtually. The FENS 2020 Virtual Forum aims to meet the community’s needs and expectations in these challenging times and will offer the same cutting edge scientific programme as always, including lectures, posters, symposia, an exhibition and professional…

2019.11.29 | Seminar, Public/Media, Dandrite

Seminar by Professor Alexander V. Chibalin

Associate Professor of Cell Physiology, Alexander V. Chibalin, from Department of Molecular Medicine and Surgery Karolinska Institutet, Sweeden, will give a seminar entitled "Pumps, ions and energy metabolism: signaling to and from Na,K-ATPase"

Photo: Lars Kruse

2019.12.03 | Research, Research, All groups

Rector comments on Information's coverage of beef report case

Rector Brian Bech Nielsen comments on newspaper Information's latest article and editorial on the beef report case.

According tol Ole Köhler can the results be used to provide more targeted treatment for those patients where the medicine does not have a sufficient effect.

2019.11.28 | Research, Public/Media, Health

People with depression experience suicidal thoughts despite treatment

One in five people with depression have suicidal thoughts despite treatment with antidepressants. This is shown by a new study from iPSYCH. The results can be used to examine whether more targeted treatment could be provided for patients where medication does not have a sufficient effect.

2019.11.28 | Seminar, Research, Public/Media

Infection and Inflammation Seminar: Valentyn Oksenych, PhD, group leader at NTNU, Trondheim, Norway

Title of lecture: “New factors required for lymphocyte development: in vivo models”

2019.11.28 | Seminar, Research, Public/Media

Infection & Inflammation Seminar: Peter Kennedy and Andrew Bowie

As part of the PhD defense by Madalina Carter-Timofte, we here announce an associated I&I seminar on aspects of neurovirology, CNS infection, and innate immunity. On Tuesday, Dec 17th, we will host two speakers: Prof Peter Kennedy, Burton Chair of Neurology, Institute of Infection, Immunity and Inflammation, University of Glasgow, UKTitle of…

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