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2020.12.30 | Grants and awards, Public/Media, Dandrite

Congratulations to Hanne Poulsen, who has been awarded a Lundbeck Foundation Experiments grant

Hanne Poulsen has been awarded a Lundbeck Foundation Experiments grant with DKK 2,000,000 entitled "Imaging of endogenous mRNAs". The grant will be used to study mRNA regulation associated with communication between neurons. Congratulations Hanne!

2020.12.28 | Deadline, Research, All groups

Abstract submission deadline The Brain Prize Meeting 2021

2020.12.22 | Meeting, Academic staff, Personalised Medicine Network

Information meeting – Innovation Fund Denmark

Focus: Funding opportunities within health research in Innovation Fund Denmark, the largest public research fund in Denmark Speaker: Investment Officer Marlene Fredborg from Innovation Fund Denmark Who: Staff interested in health research and innovation in a broad sense at Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital When: Tuesday,…

2020.12.22 | Research, Research, All groups

Vacant position as Laboratory Administrator

The Department of Clinical Medicine at Faculty of Health at Aarhus University invites applications for a position as Laboratory Administrator at Translational Neuropsychiatry Unit (TNU).

2020.12.21 | Research, Public/Media, Dandrite

Milena T. Tronsgaard receives the Kjeld Marcker PhD Award 2020

Once a year, the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics awards one or more PhD Awards to PhD student(s) who has defended his/her PhD in the past year, and who has made an exceptional effort. In 2020, Milena T. Tronsgaard (former PhD student in Poul Nissen's group) and Lotte V.W. Stagsted receive the Kjeld Marcker PhD Award 2020.

2020.12.21 | Seminar, PhD students, Dandrite

Virtual DANDRITE Lecture by Sâmia Joca

Sâmia Joca, Associate Professor at the Department of Biomedicine at Aarhus University, will give a virtual DANDRITE lecture titled: "Cannabinoids in stress and depression: state of the art and challenges." The lecture will take place online via Zoom.

Picture of Nádia P Gonçalves

2020.12.21 | Research, Academic staff, Dandrite

Nádia P Gonçalves had her research work featured in the cover page of the Glia Journal

The research work by Nádia P Gonçalves, from the Vægter’s lab, recently published in “Glia” was now selected for the journal cover page of the December issue.

Primary Schwann cell (SC) characterization.

2020.12.21 | Collaboration, PhD students, Dandrite

New Publication from the Vægter’s lab

The paper by Nádia P Gonçalves and Christian Vægter, in collaboration with Jørgen Kjems from iNano, is entitled: "Modulation of Small RNA Signatures in Schwann-Cell-Derived Extracellular Vesicles by the p75 Neurotrophin Receptor and Sortilin". It has been published in "Biomedicines". You can access the full article here.

2020.12.18 | PhD students, Graduate School of Health, Graduate School of Health

Vaccine assistance

The region is looking for vaccine assistance

2020.12.18 | Conference, Public/Media, Dandrite

The Brain Prize Meeting 2021 - Virtual conference

The virtual Brain Prize meeting 2021 will take place from 1 – 4 March 2021. The subject is "Neurodevelopmental Disorders - Mechanisms and pathways to treatment".

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