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Working with clinical and genomic data in research projects in the field of personalised medicine is complex. The newly established data support centre connects the specialists who, in different ways, have expertise in carrying out research based on health data. Photo: Colourbox.

2020.12.09 | Research, Health and disease, Academic staff

New help available for working with complex health data

Don't hesitate: we’ll point you in the right direction. This is the encouraging message to Health researchers working with clinical and genomic data in research projects in the field of personalised medicine. The helping hand comes from the region and the university in the form of the new data support centre CONNECT.

In the video, the Dean of Health Lars Bo Nielsen talks about the new initiatives aimed at improving gender equality at the faculty.

2020.12.09 | Administrative, Academic staff, Health

The Dean: We need to be better at gender equality

We cannot wait for the problem of gender equality at the faculty to solve itself, says Dean Lars Bo Nielsen in this year's holiday greeting. Specific initiatives to improve gender equality have therefore been launched in three areas: Recruitment, career development and management.

Health's degree programmes perform well on the vast majority of parameters. This is shown in the annual degree programme report, which has just landed. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Photo.

2020.12.10 | Education, Administration (Academic), Academic staff

Good grades for Health's degree programmes

Low dropout, fine completion times, good coherence with the research environments and insignificant unemployment. On the vast majority of indicators, things look good in Health's degree programme report. But there are no roses without thorns, and the report also highlights areas where improvements are needed.

Professor of Oral Radiology Ann Wenzel is a newly appointed honorary member of the Danish Dental Association. Photo: Jann Zeiss, AU Health

2020.12.10 | Grants and awards, Health and disease, Academic staff

Professor Ann Wenzel is now an honorary member of the Danish Dental Association

Professor Ann Wenzel from the Department of Dentistry and Oral Health at Aarhus University is a newly appointed honorary member of the Danish Dental Association. She receives the honorary membership in recognition of her revolutionary research in oral radiology.

The study finally removes any lingering suspicion that this particular type of blood pressure medicine increases the risk of getting corona or of suffering a worse illness, says Christian Fynbo Christiansen. Photo: Melissa B. K. Yildirim, AU Photo.

2020.12.09 | Research, Health and disease, Public/Media

Keep taking the blood pressure medicine during the pandemic

An extensive study of more than one million Danes who have been tested for corona now confirms what several smaller studies have already indicated: That the risk of getting corona, being hospitalised or dying from the disease, is no higher for people taking medication such as ACE inhibitors and Angiotensin II receptor blockers.

A clean-up at the inherited contamination at Høfde 42 can now begin with funds from, among other things, Cheminova's former owner. Photo: Niels Åge Skovbo.

2020.12.10 | All groups, All AU units, Aarhus University

Remediation at Høfde 42 supported by the Aarhus University Research Foundation

The former owner of Cheminova, Auriga Industries A/S, has been given an opportunity to contribute DKK 125 million for remediation work at Høfde 42. Funds from the parties behind the Finance Act for 2021, and DKK 50 million earmarked in previous Finance Acts, have now provided the financing necessary to clean up Høfde 42.

2020.12.08 | PhD defense, Public/Media, Graduate School of Health

PhD defence: Thomas Winther Buus

Advanced imaging techniques improve the diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer

2020.12.07 | People news, PhD students, Dandrite

Welcome to Yasmina M. Tudorache who is new bachelor student in Tomonori Takeuchi's group

She will assist in the Novelty Induced Memory Boost research project under Tomonori Takeuchi's team. She is really excited to see how working with this project will turn out to be!

2020.12.07 | Event, Academic staff, Dandrite

UCMR Day 2021

On behalf of the organizers, we are happy to invite you to participate at the UCMR Day on 14th January 2021. One keynote lecture will be given by Emmanuelle Charpentier, Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry in 2020 for discovering the CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing method together with Jennifer A. Doudna. You can read the invitation below.

All members of staff who have worked at AU for a minimum of nine months can stand for election as occupational health and safety representatives. Photo: Lars Kruse.

2020.12.04 | Administrative, Administration (Academic), All groups

Stand for election to the occupational health and safety organisation at AU

Now is the time to stand for election as an occupational health and safety representative in your unit. The nomination period has begun and will continue until 8 January 2021.

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