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2015.08.31 | Conference, Academic staff, Department of Biomedicine

Exploratory Pre-seed Grants - Nordic Countries

Deadline for applications: October 9 2015

2015.08.31 | PhD defense, Academic staff, Department of Clinical Medicine

PhD defense: Noomi Oddmarsdóttir Gregersen

Identification and analyses of genetic risk factors for panic disorder.

2015.08.31 | PhD defense, Academic staff, Department of Clinical Medicine

PhD defense: Cathrine Wildenschild Nielsen

Fecundability among Danish pregnancy planners: Studies on birth weight, gestational age and history of miscarriage.

2015.08.31 | PhD defense, Academic staff, Department of Clinical Medicine

PhD defense: Anne Vestergaard

On-line adaptive radiotherapy for urinary bladder cancer to account for anatomical changes.

2015.08.31 | PhD defense, Health and disease, Academic staff

PhD defense: Jonas Kristoffer Lindeløv

CNRU researcher Jonas kristoffer Lindeløv is will defend his PhD thesis entitled: "Computer- and Suggestion-based Cognitive Rehabilitation following Acquired Brain Injury"

In addition to the iBook, the students also have the printed version of the text book, as well as physical booklets which act as a supplement to reading on the iPad. Photo: Lars Kruse, Aarhus University.
The online test Socrative is one of the programs Annette Smed Svanholm uses in her lessons. Photo: Lars Kruse, Aarhus University.

2015.09.08 | Education, Technical / administrative staff, SKT

IPads support dental surgery assistants during their education

At the School of Oral Health Care, Aarhus University, the students make use of iPads during the teaching. The project was initiated in collaboration with the Centre for Health Sciences Education (CESU), and the students are pleased with their new teaching tool.

2015.08.28 | Policy and strategy, All groups, Runsafe

RUNSAFE Advisory Board Elected

On August 28th 2015, a 8-person RUNSAFE board was elected. The task for the RUNSAFE board is to develop and accept a 10-year strategy plan from 2015-2025 for RUNSAFE including vision, mission, goals, work package organisation and much more.

Photo: Colourbox

2015.08.28 | Administrative, Academic staff, All AU units

Are goods you order being delivered to the wrong address at AU?

If so, this is probably because your supplier is using the same address for invoicing and delivery. It’s important to remember to state your office address or building as your delivery address so that your orders will be delivered straight to your doorstep.

2015.08.27 | Research, PhD students, Department of Public Health

New knowledge can help doctors who have a risky use of alcohol

In a new survey, researchers from Aarhus University have mapped doctors' alcohol consumption. The study provides important knowledge that can help doctors to tackle harmful use.

2015.08.27 | Health and disease, Academic staff, Health

DNC/NeuroCampus Aarhus seminar: Gareth Barnes

Professor Gareth Barnes, UCL, London is visiting Aarhus and will give a guest talk entitled: "Towards non-invasive laminar electrophysiology"

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