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VIDEO: International semester exchange students filled with enthusiasm

The first group of exchange students on the medical degree programme have now completed the new international semester – and some of them have had a very positive experience. This is shown by a video that a group of students made themselves before they left AU.

2017.02.23 | Mette Louise Ohana

Anka from the university in Freiburg, Germany is one of the contributing exchange students. She is very satisfied with her stay. Freiburg is also one of the universities which AU's Danish medical students can study at as part of the exchange programme.

“It has been a wonderful experience, probably the best learning I have had in my medical studies.”

“The stay at Aarhus University Hospital was amazing. Doctors, nurses and midwifes were incredibly sweet with me, they loved to teach you and they put a lot of effort in that.”

“The university tried to take very good care of us. We had mentors that helped us get started here in Aarhus.”

This is what three of the ten exchange students from countries including Germany, Italy and Spain say in a video on YouTube, which has also been shared on Aarhus University's international Facebook page. There is no shortage of praise in the video. The participants have all been students on medicine’s international semester, which took place for the first time in the autumn semester last year, and which has just ended.

As a farewell message, they have recorded a video in which they talk about their positive experience of the city, campus, their fellow students and the lecturers, among other things. Also the close relationship between clinical training and teaching is highlighted.

Watch the students’ video.

The next group of exchange students have just started. The international semester will be formally evaluated later in the year. 

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