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2018.01.25 | Event

Official Inauguration of PROMEMO

The official inauguration of PROMEMO - Center for Proteins in Memory - a Danish National Research Foundation Center of Excellence will take place on 4 April 2018.

2018.01.25 | Course

Approaching your stakeholders

Can you ask the right questions, when you approach your Stakeholders? And who are the most important stakeholders, potential project partners or end-users of your research and inventions? Join the workshop and learn more.

2018.01.25 | Course

Business Modelling Workshop

Join and learn about business models and how a research group could design a start-up company to commercialise an invention from their research.

2018.01.25 | Course

Value in Research workshop

Join and get a deeper understanding of the value you can create with your reasearch, of your stakeholders, and new applications of your expertise.

2018.01.25 | Research

Nordic network in Nobel Prize–winning technology

A new Danish-Swedish research alliance wants to advance understanding of how biological molecules look and behave. With support from the Novo Nordisk Foundation and the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, scientists at four universities in Denmark and Sweden will join forces to create a Nordic network in cryo-electron microscopy, whose…

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2018.01.29 | Administrative

Do you need to park at AU?

From 1 February, more parking areas at AU will be reserved for AU employees. If you would like to use these parking areas, and haven't registered your car, remember to do so at au.dk/parking.

2018.01.24 | Research

Theoretical exercise became a revolutionary technique

When Ivan Bjerre Damgård first started getting interested in data encryption, everyone with any knowledge of the subject could gather in one room. Early in his research career, he developed a theory for the protection of data – and now, 30 years later, practical applications are exploding.

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2018.01.29 | Administrative


From 1 February, students must use the public parking spaces if they need to park close to the university.

2018.01.23 | Conference

MatchPoints Seminar 2018

The Welfare State: New Solutions to Old Problems?

Tomonori Takeuchi receives the Young Investigator Award which aims to attract talented, early career researchers to Denmark. Photo: Private

2018.01.25 | Grants and awards

Novo award draws international researcher and DKK 20 million to Biomedicine

Tomonori Takeuchi receives the Novo Nordisk Foundation's Young Investigator Award. The award comes with DKK 20 million that will enable the Japanese researcher to become part of the Department of Biomedicine and establish both a research laboratory and a research group at DANDRITE.

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