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2013.11.27 | Administrative, Students, All AU units

Important briefing by Rector

On Wednesday 27 November at 10.00, Rector Brian Bech Nielsen will hold an important briefing about the financial situation at AU. The briefing will be streamed live on medarbejdere.au.dk/live. The rector will speak in Danish.

2013.11.26 | Collaboration, PhD students, Dept Clin Epi

Launch of new, large EU project

Department of Clinical Epidemiology is part of the consortium behind the project “Accelerated Development of Vaccine benefit-risk Collaboration in Europe” (ADVANCE). The project is financed by a grant of EUR 5 million from the IMI (The Innovative Medicines Initiative) and has a total budget of EUR 10.7 million. ADVANCE is coordinated by professor…

The shaking, slow movements and dementia that characterise Parkinson’s disease are caused by an increasing loss of nerve cells in the brain.

2013.11.28 | Health and disease, All groups, Department of Biomedicine

New discovery brings hope for treatment of Parkinson’s disease

Experiments with a “curly” brain protein have shown that it can inhibit the spread of Parkinson’s disease in laboratory tests. The discovery can be an important step on the way to developing treatment for the incurable disease.

New study facilities on the way in the Victor Albeck Building. At the beginning of 2014, AU Library, Health Science will offer users a modernised study and work environment with room for even more students. Photo: AU Communication.

2013.12.05 | Research year student, Health, Administrative

Students and staff to get a newly refurbished library

From the turn of the year, students and staff at Health will be able to start using newly refurbished facilities. This takes place when AU Library, Health Science opens its doors to more study spaces and a modernised study and work environment in the Victor Albeck Building.

2013.11.25 | Research, All groups, All AU units

Proteins Suppress Useless Gene Activity in Human Cells

A new study shows how our cells sort the wheat from the chaff in a tangle of useful and useless gene molecules. In collaboration with international research groups, a Danish research team from Aarhus University has now found a mechanism that helps the cells prevent accumulation of the many useless RNA molecules being constantly produced by runaway…

[Translate to English:] De organisatoriske problemer skal under lup. Foto: Colourbox

2013.12.18 | Policy and strategy, Technical / administrative staff, All AU units

Management focuses on unresolved problems

We need to take a closer look at the academic development process: An internal analysis will uncover the problems related to administrative support and the academic organisation. At the same time, we need to bridge the gap between managers and employees and to further strengthen the area of education.

More and more women are given SSRIs, while they are pregnant.

2013.11.22 | Health and disease, All groups, Department of Public Health

Antidepressant medication does not increase the risk of autism

A large Danish study shows that pregnant women’s use of antidepressant medication does not increase the risk of having children with autism. In this way the study refutes earlier studies, which had demonstrated a connection.

Professor in Nuclear Medicine and Positron Emission Tomography Jens Sørensen, Aarhus University, Department of Clinical Medicine.

2013.11.26 | People news, All groups, Department of Clinical Medicine

Swedish expert knowledge to Aarhus University

Jens Sørensen has taken up a part-time position as professor at Aarhus University. He brings his knowledge within the fields of nuclear medicine and positron emission tomography, which he has acquired while working in Sweden for many years. His goal is to make the treatment of his patients better and faster.

2013.11.20 | Public/Media, All AU units, Research

Danish Ideas About Intelligent Urban Development

A major international congress is currently being held in Barcelona, with Aarhus University joining the Danish Ministry of Housing, Urban and Rural Affairs to present some Danish ideas about intelligent and sustainable urban development.

The recipient of the personal award Henrik Schmidt, Aarhus University, Department of Clinical Medicine and Aarhus University Hospital, Department of Oncology.

2013.11.28 | People news, All groups, Department of Clinical Medicine

Personal award of DKK 100,000 to Aarhus researcher

Henrik Schmidt from Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital has received a personal award of DKK 100,000 from William Nielsen's Foundation. The personal award is given in recognition of his research and work on melanomas.

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