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2015.10.23 | Conference, Research, Academic staff

Diabetes update 2015

Prof. Troels Staehelin Jensen will participate in Diabetes update 2015 and present recent advances in the diagnosis and treatment of diabetic neuropathy.

2015.10.23 | Research, Academic staff, IDNC

Anesthesiology Research Seminar at Washington University School of Medicine

Postdoc Páll Karlsson gives a lecture entitled "Valuable measures vs. easily measurable values: small fiber morphology assessment in neuropathies and other painful conditions

2015.10.30 | All groups, Health and disease, Health

Debate: PhD students strengthen society's development

Publically funded PhD employees are the researchers of the future and they are very important for the development of society, writes Head of Graduate School Lise Wogensen Bach. Their contribution to society is one thing – whether society wishes to make use them is something else entirely.

2015.10.22 | Conference, All groups, External target group

Psychiatry Research Day

10th Annual Psychiatry Research Day, November 5 2015

2015.10.22 | Research, Public/Media, External target group

There’s life on Earth!

Indeed. We knew that. However, in the search for life in other parts of the universe, it is important to know what planets look like from a distance when there is life on them. The recent lunar eclipse helped astrophysicists gain insight into this – Earth has now been seen from ‘outside’.

2015.10.26 | Collaboration, Alumni, External target group

"If you don’t enjoy the roller coaster, you shouldn’t be an entrepreneur"

For the first 'Alumni Stories' AU Alumni interviewed Jesper Hvejsel (MSc ´09) about his experiences as an entrepreneur and his passion for building and evolving businesses."If you don't enjoy the roller coaster, you shouldn't be an entrepreneur", Jesper says.

Laura Marchetti

2015.10.21 | Research, Research year student, Department of Biomedicine


Talk on single molecule imaging by Laura Marchetti, Pisa

Laura Marchetti

2015.10.21 | Research, Academic staff, Department of Biomedicine

DANDRITE Topical Seminar

Talk on single molecule imaging by Laura Marchetti, Pisa

2015.10.21 | All groups, Runsafe, Runsafe

New Article Accepted by JSCR

Mette Dideriksen, Cristina Soegaard and Rasmus O. Nielsen from RUNSAFE have their article "Validity of self-reported running distance" accepted by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

2015.10.21 | Administrative, All groups, All AU units

Updates to AU access card databases – your card might need an update

Right after the autumn break, AU began updating the access control system for buildings on Aarhus Campus, at Moesgaard and in Foulum. The process will continue until early 2016. Unfortunately, this means that the access cards of some employees will stop working properly.

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