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2017.01.24 | Grants and awards, Academic staff, Aarhus Universitets Forskningsfond

Apply for publication support grants

All AU employees can now apply to the Aarhus University Research Foundation for grants which support the dissemination of scientific work and other activities at the university.

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2017.01.23 | Administrative, Administration (Academic), Administration

New parking rules at Ny Munkegade and the Aarhus School of Dentistry

From 30 January, your car must be registered via Digital Parkering if you want to park next to the buildings 1520-1550, in the gravel parking area south of building 1540 and in Grønnegården at the Aarhus School of Dentistry.

2017.01.23 | Conference, PhD students, SKT

PhD day

Science - keep it simple

Anne-Marie Rindom is an athlete who competes in Laser Radial class sailing. She is also a student at Aarhus University. And in 2016, while continuing her studies and with the support of Team Denmark, she won medals at the Olympics and the world championships.

2017.02.01 | Talent development, Administration (Academic), All groups

New analysis: AU students won most Danish medals at 2016 Olympics and world championships

Two out of three Danish Olympic Games and world championship medals in 2016 were won by elite athletes who were at the same time studying for a degree. In fact, Aarhus University students alone accounted for 22 per cent of all the medals awarded to Denmark. This is the conclusion of a new study conducted by Aarhus University in cooperation with…

2017.01.20 | Meeting, Health and disease, PhD students


How can HIV be eradicated? - current strategies and challenges

Photo: Melissa Bach Yildirim, AU Photo

2017.01.24 | Administrative, Administration (Academic), All groups

Focus on constructive communication in 2017

The Main Occupational Health and Safety Committee (HAMU) and the Main Liaison Committee (HSU) put focus on constructive communication in 2017.

[Translate to English:] PhD Day begynder med forsker-fight. Mød fighterne her.

2017.01.24 | Health and disease, PhD students, Health

VIDEO: Meet the three Fogh-Nielsen finalists

The PhD Day 2017 begins with a researcher fight over the Fogh-Nielsen scholarship. This year, the battle is between three PhD students from Biomedicine. Get a preview of the three finalists and their research.

2017.01.24 | People news, Health and disease, Academic staff

What would you like to ask the new dean?

The new dean of Health is named Lars Bo Nielsen. But who is he really? What are his key issues, what is he good at, and what does he do in his spare time? If you ask a question, we will pass it on to the new dean, and you will have an answer in a fortnight.

The new study looks into juice and other sugary drinks along with a number of food items.

2017.01.20 | Research, Health and disease, Public/Media

Teenagers' diet affects their health later in life

Whether a teenager eats crisps or vegetables is not unimportant: New research from Aarhus University shows that there is a correlation between the dietary habits of young girls and their blood pressure and cholesterol level when they reach the ages of 40-50. An appropriate diet can even prevent illness.

The figure shows the structure of C1 investigated by two different techniques. To the left is shown data recorded by the scientists with X- (black curve) at the PETRA III synchrotron in Hamborg. The grey curve shows how a curve calculated from the model in the middle panel fits to the eksperimental data. To the right is shown so-called class averages of images recorded with electron microskopy. In row two to the right is clearly seen 10 protrusions, which is strictly nono-compatible with the the old model for activation of complement. For this reason the EM-data was pivotal for the results.

2017.01.20 | Research, Health and disease, Academic staff

A new model for activation of the immune system

By studying a large protein (the C1 protein) with X-rays and electron microscopy, researchers from Aarhus University in Denmark have established a new model for how an important part of the innate immune system is activated. The activation of the C1 protein is a fundamental mechanism in immunology, and therefore the new research results also have…

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