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2018.06.28 | Administrative, Technical / administrative staff, All AU units

GDPR service notice: How to delete emails automatically

You can configure folders in Outlook to delete mails automatically, so you can be sure you don’t save sensitive personal data longer than is legal.

2018.06.27 | Grants and awards, PhD students, Dept Clin Epi

Grants for cancer studies

Research year student Frederikke Troelsen has recieved grants of DKK 170,000 in total for studies on gastrointestinal cancer and colorectal cancer.

2018.06.27 | Research, Research, Public/Media

Does size matter?

In a new RUNSAFE-based publication in JOSPT by Bertelsen et al. the question was asked: do runners with different BMI reduce their running dose accordingly when commencing a self-chosen running regime?

2018.06.27 | Events, Research, PhD students

ENABLE symposium 2018

The Novo Nordisk Center for Protein Research (CPR) is co-hosting a scientific symposium with career developing and outreach activities 7-9 November at the Mærsk Tower (Panum) in Copenhagen.

2018.06.27 | Research, Research, Public/Media

RUNSAFE proudly presents a new protocol for the SPRING study

SPRING means “RUN” in Swedish and we are collaborating with our colleagues and friends from University of Gothenburg to analyzing data from a cohort of runners who are followed for a 1-year period.

In the video below you can hear Jørgen Frøkiær talk about his approach.

2018.06.27 | People news, Health and disease, Public/Media

VIDEO: Meet the new department head at the Department of Clinical Medicine

Monday 2 July is Professor Jørgen Frøkiær's first day of work as head of the Department of Clinical Medicine. Hear him talk about the first tasks he faces, his ambitions for the department and what type of manager employees can expect to meet.

2018.06.26 | Event, Research, All groups

Advanced Course on Spinal Cord Injury

An advanced course hosted by Neuroscience School of Advanced Studies (NSAS) on the pathological processes that restrain lesioned axons from regenerating after a spinal cord injury.

2018.06.26 | Event, Research, All groups

2-day Limbic Brain Anatomy Course

A 2-day structural and functional neuroanatomy course for neurology, psychiatry and neuroscience at King's College London

2018.06.26 | Research, All groups, Neurocampus

3-day Human Brain Anatomy Course

The course will include introductions to structural, functional, and radiological neuroanatomy and has an optional hands-on anatomy practical to conclude the 3-day course.

Photo: Colourbox

2018.06.26 | Administrative, Administration (Academic), All groups

Moving large amounts of the university’s data may lead to IT service interruptions

Due to a combination of hardware and software errors, very large amounts of data (300 TB) must be moved to new servers to avoid data loss. As a result, users of AU’s IT systems and services may experience IT service interruptions for a few weeks starting on Tuesday 19 June.

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